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Plastic extrusion blow molding equipment production line

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
Plastic extrusion blow molding equipment production line, A) Blow method of extrusion blow molding film extrusion blow molding on method in film, the production of plastic film, film of bubble tube billet from the top of the forming die extrusion, and then by traction device to work with extruder screw direction perpendicular to the compressed air in the upper part of the forming die bulge forming film need to size, after cooling to finalize the design the winding, complete plastic extrusion blow molding production. This kind of mode of production molding plastic thin film, with polyethylene resin and PVC resin, production of larger sizes of plastic film. 冃 before, the domestic can already for more than 12 m agricultural production folding size polyethylene greenhouse film. Extrusion blow moulding blowing method on process characteristics are as follows: (1) the running speed can be adjust bubble tube in production, bubble tube shape is stable, film forming thickness deviation is small. (2) using the method of blowing extrusion blown film can produce larger width of the film, the production yield is higher. (3) the method of blowing extrusion blown film with equipment cover an area of an area small, but it requires the factory to have a certain height. (4) method on the production of the extrusion blown film, requirement with high viscosity resin. Extrusion blow molding (5) on the method of membrane tube cooling slightly worse, forming results for some adverse transparent thin film production. ( 2) Blowing extrusion blow molding film blowing method under the extrusion blow molding plastic film production mode and the method of blowing extrusion blow molding of plastic film on the membrane tube on the mode of production direction on the contrary, this kind of membrane tube extrusion blow molding production film just below the molding and plasticizing molten material is suitable for low viscosity and high products require transparency of resin. Method of blowing film produced using polypropylene, polyamide and poly (vinylidene chloride resin. F extrusion blow moulding blowing method process characteristics are as follows. Extrusion blow molding (1) the method of the bubble tube cooling effect is better, blowing film tube also can direct water cooling, so forming film transparency is good, can have higher production efficiency. (2) membrane operation more convenient, can use high extrusion film speed. (3) the method of forming film can use smaller viscosity molten material, but is not suitable for production of thin plastic film. (4) due to the extrusion machine working position is higher, on the production and operation is not convenient. ( 3) Method of blowing film extrusion blow molding method of blowing extrusion blow molding of film production, film bubble tube billet from horizontal extrusion molding, film bubble tube billet center with extruder screw on the same horizontal center line, means of this kind of level extrusion blown film production, only suitable for membrane bubble tube diameter less than 500 mm film production molding. Level method extrusion blown film with PE and PVC resin as raw materials. The method of blowing extrusion blow molding thin film process characteristics as follows. (1) the method of blowing extrusion blow molding thin film with equipment is low, the extruder production operation more convenient. (2) the method of blowing extrusion blow molding membrane production line equipment covers an area of large, but plant height no special requirements. (3) the method of blowing extrusion blown film should be used in high viscosity resin melting, forming the thick wall of membrane deflection, product quality is difficult to control.
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