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What is PVC Tarpaulin


What is PVC Tarpaulin? How many years can PVC tarpaulin be used?

PVC tarpaulin is made of a variety of colorful PVC film or transparent PVC film and fabric, through the PVC film can clearly see the fabric of tarpaulin, there is a strong three-dimensional feeling, feel soft and hard moderate, belongs to the low toxic products of environmental friendly, perennial use in the outdoor up to 3-5 years!


There are many kinds of Tarpaulin, including : PVC Tarpaulin, TPU Tarpaulin, PEVA Tarpaulin, TPE Tarpaulin and rubber Tarpaulin. 

The most popular tarpaulin is PVC Tarpaulin because of the great property of PVC film.

PVC, its main component is polyvinyl chloride, its advantages are: mature manufacturing process, relatively low price, good insulation performance, good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, and a certain high and low temperature resistance characteristics.


There are many kinds of fabric which is placed in the middle of tarpaulin. In terms of material, there are two kinds of fabric , one is polyester ,the other is nylon; According to the strength , fabric can also be divided into general yarn and high strength yarn ;The weaving methods of the cloth include warp knitting, weft knitting, combing, semi-combing and general combing.


In addition, in order to meet the different needs of users, the seller chooses a variety of yarn weave density fabric; 

According to the grid of tarpaulin, it can makes woven grid, diamond net, bird's eye net and other patterns to produce a variety of specifications, thickness, color and strength of the tarpaulin.


The Application of PVC Tarpaulin:

1. Advertising Flex Banner;

2. Eco-Agriculture Tarps

3. Geotextile;

4. Tent Tarps;

5. Membrane structure architecture;

6. Truck Cover


The property of PVC Tarpaulin:

1. Excellent weather resistance to aging, extended shelf life.  

2. Enhanced resistance to chemical corrosion;
3. Anti - ultraviolet, anti - oxidation properties;
4. With flame retardant, fire safety;

5. Excellent tensile, tear and stripping resistance.


In addition to PVC tarpaulin, there are full environmental friendly tarpaulin, such as: TPU tarpaulin, PEVA tarpaulin, etc.  

TPU tarpaulin price is higher, mainly used for medical, food packaging;

As for the rubber tarpaulin, the user is generally used in the aging, corrosion resistance.

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