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The Relation Between PVC Tarp and Dioxins


What are PVC tarps?

A PVC tarp is made of a scrim that is laminated in between two sheets of a polyvinyl film or PVC. It is made up of a three-ply fabric. A scrim is a material that is made up of either fiberglass, polyester, nylon, cotton or a combination of any of these materials. PVC tarpaulins are often used as truck cover, airtight material, awnings, and tents because it has high tear strength, tenacity and adhesion strength.


PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is a solid plastic that is made of vinyl fluoride. It contains bisphenol A (BPA) and it is made flexible and softer by phthalates.


PVC can be used to make tarpaulins, hoses, vinyl flooring, and sidings, plumbing and automotive parts, medical devices and is often used in so many household devices.


Where can PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride be found?


  It can be found in different consumer products like plastic products for home, medical and construction


  It can be found in different children's product such as toys, binders, backpacks etc.


PVC is used in the production of so many products from house-ware to automotive which we encounter in our everyday life. PVC is used because it is inexpensive which lessens the cost of the product and it has good quality and it is flexible.


What are Dioxins?


Dioxins are highly toxic chemical products that are very harmful to health. They are chemical compounds that are persistent environmental pollutants (POPs) and they are found worldwide in the environment and they are highly toxic and can cause developmental and reproductive problems that may damage the immune system, cause hormonally related diseases and can also cause cancer. Dioxins are considered and classified as environmental pollutants that belong to a chemical group called "dirty dozens". "Dirty dozens" are a group chemical that is called as Persistent Organic Pollutants. Dioxins are considered dangerous because experiments and studies showed that they can have bad effects on systems and organs. Once these chemicals enter the body they have the ability to last long because they can be absorbed by the fatty tissues and there they can be stored. They can last for ten to eleven years in the human body. Dioxin is also known as tetrachlorodibenzo para dioxin or TCCD. It is related to another chemical group called polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs) and polychlorinated dibenzo para dioxins (PCDDs) which are also considered as harmful chemicals.


Dioxins are known to be the by-product of industrial waste or processes but they can also be a product of natural processes like forest fires or volcanic eruptions. These chemicals are unwanted by-product by manufacturing industries or factories ranging from plastics, pesticides, chlorine bleaching and so on. Human activities can also produce dioxins and that includes:

  Burning of trash

  Chlorine bleaching of paper and pulp

  The production of herbicides and pesticides and other chemical products

  Recycling and dismantling of electronic products


The relation between PVC tarp and Dioxins


Dioxin, as mentioned, is one dangerous chemical that when taken in by human may lead to several sicknesses. Dioxin also comes in many sources including industrial waste products and other activities that may be caused by both human and mother nature. Dioxins are toxic compounds that are formed because of intentional or unintentional combustion or burning like forest fires, waste incineration, backyard bonfires, and other industrial processes. To form dioxin, there is a need for the presence of chlorine, a high temperature and oxygen concentration that will lead to combustion. Because of the need of chlorine, this has to lead to associate dioxin to chlorinated compounds and that includes PVC but Polyvinyl Chloride is a small and very minimal source of dioxin. It is very small that it cannot even level out to the amount of dioxin present in an open environment.


PVC may contain chlorine but that is minimal and it is derived from the process of electrolysis of NaCl or salt.


Some has claimed that PVC is the largest source of dioxin but studies also showed that dioxins are formed only by or as a result of combustion, therefore, PVC or other materials that contain chlorine in their normal state does not contain or emit dioxin.


A study by professor Buekens and his associates revealed that PVC is not problematic when properly incinerated. It will not be a major source of dioxin. Dioxin formation happens in back yard fires, or burning of plants or burning of materials out in the open. As mentioned earlier, PVC is a marginal problem when it comes to dioxin emission.


PVC Tarps


Since it is now established that PVC is not a major source of Dioxin it is safe to say that PVC tarps are not harmful to our health because of dioxin issues. PVC is known to be one of the most used plastic in globally. PVC is used in so many ways. It can be used for the creation of household materials, medical devices, raincoats, children's toys, and many more. PVC is also popularly used to create tarps.


Construction companies use PVC tarps while working on the site. These tarps are thrown to protect and cover machines and equipment in order to protect them. PVC tarps are very durable and water resistant so it can protect the machinery or equipment from water or the UV ray.


PVC tarps are also used during camping activities. They are perfect for outdoor activities that are often used in campsites. Again they can come on handy and they are weatherproof. It can be a good camping device and it can protect the supplies that you have while you are enjoying your camp in the wilderness. PVC tarps are sometimes used as tents too. There are so many ways to use them during your camping trips.


PVC tarps are proven to be durable. Most homeowners use them to cover for example a vehicle in the garage or other important possession.


PVC tarps are also used in working on home improvements. Handyman uses them in covering the floor when painting and they all come in handy when your home needs a repair. If you need to cover something you just use your PVC tarp and you can be assured that everything is going to be okay.


There are many uses of PVC tarp that is why it is a popular choice in the market. It comes inexpensive and it has so many uses. PVC tarps are mostly designed for heavy duty uses and many applications. If you need a tarp that is durable and safe to use and also budget friendly, then this is the tarp to use.

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