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Waterproof Tarpaulin - Its Uses, Benefits and Buying Guide


So, you’re seeking info about PVC waterproof tarpaulin! Maybe, you intend to buy tarpaulins for your home. Perhaps, you wish to indulge in the export or wholesaling of tarpaulins. No matter the reason, having thorough knowledge of the product, its uses and benefits is important before making the choice. Plus, you should have access to a handy guide that will let you choose an ideal product matching your specifics. Here’s all about tarpaulins along with a buying guide.

What is a waterproof tarpaulin?

A tarp or tarpaulin is a large sheet of flexible, strong, and waterproof material. Tarpaulins are usually made of polyester, canvas, or plastics. Most of the low-cost tarps are made out of woven polyethylene. They usually feature reinforced grommets along the sides and at the corners for forming attachment points for ropes, allowing you to tie them down or keep suspended.

Types of tarpaulins

You can classify tarpaulins on the basis of various parameters. Based on material types, tarps are classified as canvas, vinyl, polyethylene, or polyester tarp. Besides materials, tarps are classified according to their thickness. In the ascending order of thickness, you may categorize tarps as regular duty, heavy-duty tarps, or super heavy-duty tarpaulins.

Polyethylene tarps

Poly-tarps are non-conventional fabrics. They’re a laminate of a sheet and woven material. The center part of the tarp is loosely woven from the strips of polyethylene plastic; the sheets of the same material are bonded on the surface. That creates a fabric-type waterproof material, capable of resisting stretching in all directions.

Most of these tarp sheets are of either high-density polyethylene or low-density polyethylene. If treated with chemicals, these tarpaulins could last for years even when constantly exposed to various elements. However, an untreated waterproof tarpaulin becomes brittle and loses strength as well as water-repellency on exposure to sunlight.

Canvas tarps

Canvas tarps aren’t 100 percent waterproof sheets. However, they’re water-resistant. They provide shelter against rain to those within the tarp-made structure. However, the tarp needs to be a bit slant to ensure the easy draining of water. If the tarp isn’t structured in a slant manner, still water may seep within the canvas and damage the sheet. Also, water will drip through the tarp within the structure.

PVC tarpaulins

Vinyl or polyvinyl chloride tarpaulins are industry-grade and meant for heavy-duty usage. They feature stronger construction and are coated with yellow vinyl, which makes them water-proof. Due to their construction quality, they’re able to withstand abrasion and normal wear and tear. They also resist mildew, grease, acid, and oil. Vinyl tarps are the best and ideal for construction, agriculture, industrial trucks, and other fields.

Uses of PVC waterproof tarpaulin

A tarpaulin has varied uses depending on its construction and material type. It can be used as a groundsheet or as a shelter against wind, rain, and sunlight. Tarps are also used during the building process to protect masonry and brickwork from weather damages. You can also find tarpaulins used as a fly in camping line, a drop sheet in painting, a groundsheet to cover the baseball field. Many sectors also use tarps to protect objects such as woodpiles, rail goods, or unenclosed roads. Here are the top uses of a tarpaulin.


Many transport companies use tarpaulins as a way to shelter goods and other humanitarian items from weather conditions such as rains, heavy snowfall, and extreme cold and hot seasons. Different types of vehicles need different types of tarpaulins. Also, the choice of the tarpaulin depends on the type of item that’s transported. Although other items can be used as a shed for sheltering goods, they take up too much space. On the other side, you can fold and store tarpaulins without any hassles.


After severe weather conditions such as torrential rains and hailstorms, many homeowners are left with big holes in their roofing. While they do file claims at their insurance provider, it takes up too much time before the claims are processed. During such times, tarpaulins come in handy. They cover the rooftops until a new roof is installed. In this way, they offer some sort of temporary relief from weather conditions and protection as well as privacy from outsiders.

Temporary shelters

Many folks get homeless after a natural disaster. Often such folks have to live in an open area until the government provides some kind of relief. In such situations, a waterproof tarpaulin appears to be their best friend. These polyethylene or vinyl sheets let you dwell in an open space by covering a particular area. In return for a minimal amount, you get a temporary shelter and protection against elements until you get your life back to normalcy.


Farmers use tarpaulins in numerous ways. Some farmers use tarpaulin sheets to cover their farms when they anticipate rains or snowfall. That offers immense protection to crops and prevents potential losses. Plus, tarpaulins are extremely beneficial for indoor or green house farming. Many farmers use tarps to cover the exterior of the green house setup to ensure the desired temperature within the setup.

Refugee camps

Tarpaulins are extremely handy for making refugee camps. In fact, they’re a favorite option of government and authorities for creating refugee camps. The reason - they’re easy to set up within no time. Plus, they let you cover a number of individuals within the camp by covering a bigger area.

Livestock protection

If you’ve animals, then you definitely need tarpaulins. You can construct primitive tarpaulin structures to provide temporary shelter to your livestock, especially during colder or hotter months. These structures are a staple around your farm and home, especially if you reside in a region that receives extreme rains or intense heat and cold.

Sport activities

Many sporting events use a waterproof tarpaulin to cover their sports ground. Such tarpaulins are termed as field tarps. They’re extremely large and particularly designed for specific sporting activities to match up the shape and size requirements.

Daily uses

Due to resistance and strength, tarpaulins are used even in day to day lives. You can use a tarpaulin to cover motorcycles, cars, and couches. As well as preventing these items from direct sunlight damages, tarpaulins avoid the accumulation of dust and debris on items stored within. That also prevents the surface of the items from sustaining damages.


You can customize tarpaulins for camping and other outdoor activities. They tend to be the most feasible and best option as a shelter when you’re stranded during trekking and other activities. You may even use a tarp as a tent when hiking or wandering in woods.

Other industrial uses

In many manufacturing industries, fine mist from the manufacturing process escapes into the surrounding air. Often fine mist contains fumes and smells that are dangerous if inhaled. Tarpaulins allow you to cover the perimeter of the plant, thus preventing workers from inhaling harmful smells and fumes. In this way, tarps let you ensure the safety of workplace in accordance with statutory regulations.

Benefits of PVC waterproof tarpaulin

Now that you know the applications and uses of tarpaulins in various fields, you may wish to know the reason for its growing usage. There are many great reasons why tarpaulins are widely used. Some of the common ones are listed below.


Tarps have immense strength. They stand up to the test of time and usage without posing any major problem. In fact, it’s the durability of the tarps that make them widely preferred in many fields.

Easy to use

Constructing temporary structures can take a lot of time. Also, you need some sort of experience to set up any structure. However, with tarpaulins, you can easily set up temporary shelters and structures on the go. For that, you don’t need any kind of experience or expertise.


Many industries use a waterproof tarpaulin due to the cost factor. Most of the options on setting up a temporary shelter or structure warrant too much money. Tarpaulins, on the other hand, are highly cost-effective. By spending a minimal sum, you can use these highly versatile sheltering sheets to protect your loved ones, livestock, and other objects.

Low maintenance

Any item needs some sort of maintenance. However, too much maintenance can be an expensive proposition. However, the scenario is totally different with tarpaulins. They require minimal maintenance and care. All you should do is dust the dirt away and clean the tarpaulins using a simple cleaning solution to retain the sheen and shine.

Flexibility and storage

Tarps are extremely flexible. You can open them and create a structure within no time. At the same time, you can fold and store them when not in use. They occupy very little space, thus allowing you to store or carry wherever you like without any sort of problem.

How to buy high-quality PVC tarpaulins

Now that you’re well versed with the usage and benefits of a waterproof tarpaulin, you might be eager to buy it for some purpose. However, don’t be in a hurry to buy tarpaulins. Not all tarpaulins are created equal. Some sheets wear out quickly. You’ll only regret on taking a hasty decision. It’s best to make an educated selection in view of the below parameters.

Determine your requirements

As mentioned earlier, tarpaulins have varied uses in various fields. To fulfill the needs of each user, they’re made from different materials. As such, it’s important to figure out your needs. Defining your requirements will let you choose the right kind of tarpaulins based on material type and thickness.

Enlist reliable brands

Due to their huge demand, tarpaulins are offered by numerous suppliers. While the existence of numerous brands gives you a wide choice, it also makes your selection difficult. Since tarpaulins are mostly used as a shelter, it’s important to take some time and choose the right brand. If you pick any brand that hits you first, you could end up making the wrong choice. So, shop around wisely and enlist reputed suppliers of a waterproof tarpaulin.

First of all, seek information about suppliers of tarpaulins from your referrals and contacts. Folks who’ve bought tarpaulins from a reliable vendor might give you the necessary details. You may also want to check yellow pages as well as business directories. Many tarpaulin makers list their details in yellow pages and directories. Consequently, you get a chance to list out a few reliable vendors through these sources.

When it comes to finding a tarpaulin manufacturer, the World Wide Web seems to be the best source of information. Just browse the Internet with relevant search words. Within seconds, you could complete your checklist of sellers.

Check ratings, reviews

After completing a checklist, you might be desperate to choose a manufacturer at random. However, this is a big mistake, which may cost you dearly. It’s likely that the manufacturer you’re considering offers substandard products.

So, how can you verify the authenticity of the suppliers in your list? It’s here ratings and reviews turn out to be handy. Scan reputed review websites and read reviews under the right category. Find out what buyers say about waterproof tarpaulin brands outlined in your list. Based on user reviews and feedback, narrow your search to a few suppliers that are highly acclaimed for quality and reasonable pricing.


Buying tarpaulins in a big quantity warrants modest investment. However, you may want to cover your modest investment with some kind of assurance. For that, you should seek a warranty from each supplier. If a particular supplier doesn’t offer any warranty, you’re better off checking other vendors and manufacturers. A reliable manufacturer will definitely offer some kind of warranty and usage instructions that should enhance the longevity of the tarpaulin.


As with any other item, pricing plays a key role in buying tarpaulins. However, don’t buy tarpaulins on the basis of pricing alone. Rather, compare multiple vendors minutely. Examine the rates, quality, and durability of tarpaulins offered by various vendors. Finally, settle with the manufacturer that offers top-class tarpaulins without charging too much.

Bottom line

PVC waterproof tarpaulin can be extremely helpful in many situations. Wide applications, durability, affordability, versatility, etc. are some of the prominent features of tarpaulins. This is why many users prefer tarpaulins over other options. Just be sure you stick to the above advice when checking tarpaulin manufacturers. With a useful guide, choosing an ideal supplier of PVC tarpaulins becomes easy.

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