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what is pvc film used for ? --- Second part


Electrical Tape

 PVC electrical tape, with the features of good insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, and cold resistance, it can be suitable for wire winding, transformers, motors, capacitor, voltage stabilizer and other kinds of motors and fixed with the insulation of the electronic parts. There are red, yellow, blue, white, green, black, transparent and other colors.

 It is suitable for insulation of various resistance parts, such as wire joint winding, insulation damage repair, transformer, motor, capacitor, voltage regulator and other types of electrical, electronic components insulation protection. It can also be used for binding, fixing, bonding, repairing, sealing and protecting in the industrial process.


Plastic Tablecloth

 Table mat is a kind of product that can protect and decorate the table and is suitable for advertisement promotion, publicity, gift giving, and school canteen. By printing the company logo on the table mat, the publicity and popularity of the company can be greatly enhanced and promoted.

The transparent table mat has a generous design and beautiful printing. The ink and material used to make the table mat is environmental-friendly, non-toxic and can be used many times.


Plastic Raincoat / Umbrella

 PVC Film can be used for making rain coat and umbrella because of the waterproof characteristic. Also pvc film can be printed with many kinds graphic that can make the raincoat and umbrella become beautiful and attractive.


Self Adhesive Vinyl , Cold lamination Film and One Way Vision

 Self Adhesive Vinyl , Cold lamination Film and One Way Vision are advertisement material , they are made of pvc film , paper and adhesive. PVC film ,with good receptivity ,can be printed by many kind of printer , such as solvent , eco solvent , latex and so on , they can show vivid advertisement to increase the performance publicity.



 PVC film , with many kinds of embossing , can be used for making stationery . colorful and transparent, translucent film can be making file pocket , document pouch ,stationery holder and so on.



Plastic Shipping Envelopes

 It is used to send textiles, clothing, documents, pharmaceuticals, etc. They offer high impact resistance, water resistance, protection during processing, and reduce transportation and transportation costs. It also benefits many companies that choose custom packaging to increase brand awareness without increasing their marketing budgets. Efficient and safe plastic envelopes are the ideal replacement for corrugated boxes or paper envelopes.


Security bags

 They are used to transport cash and valuables between destinations. They offer a wide range of security features that can detect if the content is compromised or deleted. Specialized seals and designs provide an unrivaled level of content security.

 Protective bags come in many shapes and sizes, from transparent to opaque, to specialization and storage. They provide writing surfaces to add detailed content information. They also often contain sequential numbers, barcodes, and broken bills to aid billing and reliability.


Heavy bags

 They are used to pack everything from soil and chemicals to chips and melting ice. Heavy bags have been specially designed to withstand elements and heavy use. Their thicker tool means greater strength and protection. They also include additives that provide specialized functions, such as UV protection and various slip factors, both indoors and outdoors.

 The outer part has a low level of sliding and is made with a non-slip surface for convenient placement and transportation. The inner surface is made with a higher level of sliding, which makes it easy to open and close the bag in dirty conditions. Durable bags are designed to withstand a wide range of temperature changes and conditions.


Agricultural industry

 It is used in agriculture to protect plants. You will often see them in arable fields in the form of long black or white stripes. This PVC film product helps to control and change the temperature and humidity of the crop. It also helps reduce weed growth while increasing yield. Also, mulch agricultural films contain additives that protect against ultraviolet radiation from various periods. ,tarpaulin supplier are providing PVC film to crops provides many benefits, including temperature control, earlier planting times, and faster growth at the beginning of the growing season.


Stretch Holders

 These are PVC film material that is used to protect the materials of pallets to ensure their safety during transportation and storage. The flexibility of this PVC film product allows it to adapt to the shape of the product to be protected in case of changes during transport. These hoods provide weather protection and load resistance for common pallet covers in combination with the economics of stretch film.


The many benefits of PVC film

A fantastic feature of PVC film is that its versatility allows you to create new and exciting applications that go beyond what has already been invented and produced. PVC films are the largest segment of the retail market. They are produced by a very limited number of manufacturers worldwide and are sold by a limited number of distributors.

The use of PVC film has improved in various sectors of the economy, as evidenced by the increased demand and means of the sale in stores with PVC products. The use of the film depends mainly on the thickness and composition of the PVC. The PVC film can be used in a wide range of colors, depending on the choice of the buyer or the proposed application. When you buy them, you need to study several factors, such as:

1) Different sizes of PVC films have different applications. When making a purchase, keep in mind that the thicker the plastic, the more expensive it is. To get the most out of a transparent PVC sheet, you need to prepare the desired thickness. If you use the device outdoors, especially on the ground, you should go the full length, at least with an average load.

2) The second thing you need to learn is the color, which plays an important role. In addition to the fact that the color depends on personal preferences, different colors are characteristic of different applications. Transparent plastic sheets are many options if you are interested in natural light. These PVC sheets and PVC films are great for building and home improvement. You can also use it to build walls and roots in greenhouses. If you want to buy a high-quality pvc film, you should consider buying it from a reputable pvc film suppliers.

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