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Crazy ! Crazy ! Sky-high PVC price !


The average price of PVC market rose from 9,706 yuan/ton on August 19 to 14,382 yuan/ton on October 8 after the festival after rapid fermentation in The whole September, up 4,676 yuan/ton, up 48.18% and over 88% year-on-year.  

We can see that PVC basically started from the middle of September, with the price rising sharply, power cuts in some areas, insufficient supply of raw calcium carbide, the operating rate of PVC industry decreased, lower than the starting level of the same period, low inventory of manufacturers, tightening short-term supply expectations, futures drive the spot market, leading to the madness of this wave of market!  

There are many PVC film manufactuers stop quoting now because of the sky-high and changble price, also customer can not bear such high price, the market need to be calmed down !

Let's see how the price go in near future!

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