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Customized Tarp Manufacturer PVC Tarpaulin/PVC Fabric in Roll 



PVC tarpaulin / PVC Fabric is a three-ply fabric consisting of a piece of fabric laminated between two sheets of polyvinyl film(PVC). 

Polyester fibers are measured by yarn weight (denier) and weave density (number of threads per inch) or count. 

The heavier the weight, the higher the denier. The 9x9 scrim has 9 strands per inch and 9 strands per inch. 

The first number is the number of threads in the longitudinal (or warp) direction, and the second number is the number of threads in the transverse (or weft) direction.

Vinyl is measured by its thickness (l mil is 1000 inches). Vinyl is treated to have certain properties such as flame retardant, antibacterial, antistatic and UV resistant. 

Following is our pvc tarpaulin categories for different technology and applications:

1.PVC Sprial Steel Flexible Ventilation 2.PVC Frame Waterproof Tents 3.Garden PVC Weave Fence Tape

4.High speed PVC Warehouse Roll Up Door 5.PVC Knife Coated Tarpaulin Fabric 6.PVC laminated Flexible Water Tank 

7.Membrane Structure Fabric Tent PVC Tarpaulin 8. Inflatable swimming pool 9. PVC Inflatable Bounce



We can use different polyester yarn combinations and weave patterns.This will change its tear strength, breaking strength...etc.

And we can control the weight by adjusting the thickness and structure of the PVC film, and achieve flame retardancy, antistatic, airtight, chemical resistance, etc. by changing the formula. 

The hardness of PVC film will also cause different feel. During production we can use different technologies for different material applications (e.g. cold lamination, hot lamination, doctor blade coating).

 Different embossing rollers can give the material surface a glossy, matte or embossed pattern. This is how we customize our industrial fabrics as per the requirements.

 Therefore, as an OEM manufacturer, Dulotech New Materials has a variety of different styles and specifications of materials to choose from, or they can be 100% customized according to customers.

 How to make PVC Tarpaulin Last longer?
  1.                                   1. Regular Cleaning: 




                               3. Avoid Chemical Exposure:


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                                         2. Proper Storage:


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Domestic 7.2 meters widest calendaring laminating machine.

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