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How to Protect Your Furniture from Fading in the Sun?


How to Protect Your Furniture from Fading in the Sun?

The normal glass windows which are usually used in your home can make it very beautiful and quite inviting. This always makes the whole family happy and feels comfortable to be in a nice home. This comfort can be short-lived due to the excessive heat that is created by sunlight passing through these windows. This heat dangerously exposes your family and possessions like the furniture to the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.


It is quite important to get away from letting in the light and keeping off the heat and the ever damaging UV rays without any impact on the home’s view or aesthetics. This can be done through the residential window films which can be used to allow the light and prevent the heat and the UV rays. Window film is a very thin laminate film which is installed to the exterior or interior of the glass surface of the house window, automobiles, and others.

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They are categorized in the following;

1. Substrate

In this category, they are categorized according to their substrate type which includes clear/glass or polycarbonate.

2. Intended use

They are normally put as per their use which includes architectural, automotive and marine.

3. Construction components

The construction component category involves pigmented, dyed, nano, ceramic or metalized.

4. Technical use

They are also categorized according to their technical performance which includes safety, privacy, and security.


Residential plastic window films

It is a plastic film made from PET which is used in the home windows in the protection of the sun’s heat and the UV in preventing damage to the possessions in the house. The clear plastic film is widely used and has the following features.


i) Polycarbonate. This feature makes the film to ensure maximum protection of all kinds which mostly includes anti UV, scratch resistance and solar glare reduction.


ii) Anti-UV. The exposure of the home items like furnishing to the infra-red rays may cause them to fade and deteriorate. This film filters out the harmful infra-red rays and the UV rays allowing only normal light to the house hence highly protecting the items from fading or cracking in the house.


iii) Thermal insulation. This feature also makes the film quite okay to be used in many homes as it helps in reducing the heat that enters the house. When used in the residential window, not only it reduces the UV rays but also prevents more heat from entering into the house.


iv) Colorless and clear. Generally, basic colorless clear films absorb or reject some UV radiation hence very ideal to use because the main aim of using this films in the home is to reduce the UV rays and control the heat entering the house. This feature makes it very quiet admirable to be used everywhere regardless of the size of the house. This helps much in the reduction of fading of main items like furniture in the house.


Why should you buy or use clear plastic film?

There are many reasons why you should use clear plastic window films in your home compared to other window films in the market.

1. 1. Easily affordable.

This window films are easily affordable and very friendly to your pocket. It doesn’t require a huge budget which will make one think otherwise before going to the purchase of any window film for the house. This makes this film become available to everyone who is in need of getting the film in his house and thus I highly recommend if you want to get an affordable window film, go for the clear plastic one and you will never regret of wasting your investment.


2. Heat and glare reduction

All window films regardless of the type species are made for the sole purpose of heat and glare reduction. This window film does it different as it completely reduces the heat and the glare leaving the family free from the sun’s heat. Some films just reduce and you will find at least some heat coming in. The clear plastic film absorbs this heat and completes prevents it from entering into the house hence giving quite good protection to the items in the home. For complete prevention of the sun’s heat, use this window film and it can always give you the best service ever.


3. Thermal insulation and UV filtration

Thermal insulation is where the heat from outside not necessary from the sun is prevented in entering into the house. UV filtration is a way the UV rays are set aside not to go through the window letting only the natural light in. this window film is quite okay for this purpose and that is why it should be considered for this sole purpose. It insulates the house from this heat from the outside and also filters the UV away from entering the house too. In case you need to purchase any window film, I recommend that you consider going for this so that you can get the best in terms of heat and UV filtration.


4. Protection

All window films play a major role in protection. The clear plastic film acts mostly as key protection in various ways. First, it protects all your furnishings from the UV rays. When these rays penetrate into the house, the color of the furniture, carpets and other items fades away thus when this window film is installed it actually prevents this from happening. Secondly, it protects you and your family from the UV rays which if allowed will damage the skin and the eyes.


The clear plastic film is very easy to install, first, the window is thoroughly cleaned and the application solution is then sprayed to the window plus the film after which the film has adhered. The film doesn’t require any process; just clean the window film as just like the way you clean the regular windows.


It is always advisable to use the best item among the best so that you can achieve maximum results. Window films are many in the market others which can be tinted and others not and of different designs and colors. But the clear plastic film proves to be the best and always recommended for use in case you want to have this window film experience and you will love the way it will serve you.

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