An expert in PVC tarpaulin / PVC film industry since 2002


PVC film is the other series of hot-selling products in Lin-Yang. With the strong support of our advanced technologies and imported equipment, we mainly produce five different types of PVC film which are inflatable toys PVC film, decorative PVC film, translucent PVC film, transparent PVC film, and normal PVC film.

Our PVC film is of high tensile strength and the strength can reach up to 29MPa, which guarantees the film is not easy to peel off. Extruded by the mirror roller, the PVC film has a highly polished surface and less condensation of water droplets. There are also no pinholes, no bubbles, and no wrinkles at all on the surface, so the film enjoys a higher transmittance and good transparency, which is beneficial to the photosynthesis of crops. Made of completely environmental-friendly materials, the film is phthalates-free and does no harm to the environment and people. By the process of making the heated PVC plastic pass through the space between one or more horizontal rollers rotating in the opposite direction, so that the film can withstand extrusion and extension. All our PVC films have passed the tests of SGS and have gained the certification of RoHS and PAHs..

Lin-Yang is a customer-oriented company and is capable of performing custom service. We have over 30 kinds of embossing patterns offered and can manufacture PVC products based on customers’ requirements.

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