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What is a PVC bag?


Currently, PVC bags have been popularly used with many different patterns, colors, size...and more benefits of it while you use them.

Therefore, PVC bags are increasingly trusting and choosing by many people in the world. So, zhongshan Linyang plastic Co.,Ltd. is proud to be a PVC film manufacturer.

(As PVC Bag raw material supplier)

What is a PVC bag?

I believe many people will wonder what is a PVC bag? What is the production process like? Pros and cons of this PVC Bag.

Therefore, Zhongshan Linyang Plastic Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of pvc film, the raw material of pvc bag supplier, will share some useful information to you.

PVC bag is also known as PVC Plastic Packaging. They were made of polyvinyl chloride materials (pvc resin)

The outstanding features of this bag: durability. in addition, it is an extremely effective waterproof bag.

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Therefore, it is loved by people all over the world. Became one of the most popular bags.

Then the benefits of pvc bags are not only these, it can also be used as a fashion item, (because pvc film can have various types of patterns and sizes, colors) light weight ect.

So you have to admit that pvc bag can be seen everywhere in our lives.

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(This is the pvc bag made by our customers using our pvc film as raw material)

PVC bag production process

Currently, there are many factory choosing use PVC Film to mass-produce the pvc bag. Like in China, Vietnam, Philippines these labor-intensive countries.

They are highly appreciated the benefits of this bag. This plastic make the printing process can work easily. We can screen-print with tightly seal with gold and silver foil in PVC bags.

PVC bag production process takes place in a cosmetic bag factory. There are 2 ways: Hot pressing and high-frequency hot press sewing

The production process of PVC bag by high-frequency hot press machine.


First, we need to cut it up PVC film

Screen-printing in PVC bag surface

Hot pressing by high-frequency hot press machine.

Benefits of using PVC bags Advantages

PVC bags are very popular in the market. The advantage of PVC is that it is rich in color and light in texture.

The disadvantage is that it has poor tensile resistance and generally has a relatively small load-bearing capacity.

You can choose the appropriate style according to your needs.

Many fashion brand bags are made of pvc material, such as chanel, burberry, celine, etc.,

 and many fashion bloggers also hold beautiful pvc bags to add their sense of fashion when taking street photos.

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The advantages of pvc bags are:


The color is rich, which can meet the matching needs of people of all ages. The pvc bag also has a unique gloss, which looks like it has its own flash effect to the naked eye.

Although the material of pvc bags is relatively cheap, the finished product looks very fashionable and is very popular among people.

And the material of the pvc bag will be relatively light, which is one of the main reasons why it is popular among women.

It is comfortable to carry without pressure. PVC material is quite cheap and the product is eye-catching, so they are loved by many people.

Disadvantages of pvc bags:

First of all, the pvc bag has poor tensile strength and relatively small load-bearing capacity, so if you carry this kind of bag, it is best not to put too many heavy things.

Compared with other bags, PVC material is not resistant to high temperature and easy to age, so its service life is relatively short.

And if you are the pvc film manufacturer, companies, you would like to produce PVC bags in large quantities as required.

But now, there is so much information about the as PVC bags raw material supplier in Google.

If you want to find a as PVC bag raw material-PVC Film supplier in China, please contact Zhongshan Linyang Plastic Co.,Ltd, which PVC Film manufacturer in China.

With more than 20 years of experience in producing pvc film (mainly including the soft multi-colour/ normal clear / super clear /translucent PVC Film) or call vinyl / monomeric.

Not only do we supply great items with moderate price, we provide top-notch service as well. Want our product to develop both at domestic and abroad.

Below is we can produce PVC Film product range.

THICKNESS: 0.07-0.7mm; (70 micron to 700 micron)

WIDTH: 20-70inch; (0.5m-1.77m)

HARDNESS: 22-60P (depend on your choice)

LENGTH: 50-200m

COLOR: Crystal, blue,white, fluorescent color etc.

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