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BOPP Film- Best Quality Material to Create Labels


Labels are small pieces of materials attached to a container or a product itself bearing written or printed information about the product. These pieces could be made from paper, cloth, metal, plastic film or other materials. The given by labels would include the product’s origin, ingredient, brand name, usage guide, bar codes, price, information about manufacturer, date and expiry, warning, and other advertising information.

Labels can be attached either temporarily or permanently depending on the product. They are used for the following functions:

-Identification of products

-Giving more information about the product

-Listing instructions on what the product is used for and how it is to be used

-Warnings while the product is in use or being stored or disposed

-Advertising purposes

-Giving environmental advice

-Indicating if the product has been tampered with

-In some cases, to protect the product from harsh weather conditions


To ensure the label on a product stands out and serves its purpose, it will be helpful to use good quality graphics with the right resolution and bold colors that compliment and are also colors of the brand logo should be used. This would attract potential consumers. Boldly displaying the benefits of the product and using legible and attractive fonts would make great features. Also ensure the label has nice finishing and comes in the right size, shape and appropriate materials.


Using the right material in packaging labels is very vital as it creates a lot of difference in the quality of the label. BOPP (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene) can be defined as one of the most suitable materials used according to the BOPP film manufacturers. This material is cost effective as it is economical to produce and offers a lot of benefits and has become one of the most popularly used and sought after in the world. It is usually used for the production of plastic ropes, medical and laboratory items, food containers, textile products, lamination, and packaging labels.


BOPP films are polypropylene films that are stretched from both ends: both machine direction and across machine direction. This process gives BOPP the unique features that make it of great value. According to the BOPP film manufacturers, the films are usually produced in large rolls which can be further split into smaller rolls for use. Polypropylene is the second most widely demanded and produced commodity plastic; its global market reaching above 55 million tons.


Benefits of BOPP Films:

-possess strength and ruggedness

-have high resistance to fatigue

-possess very low toxicity

-enable flexible finishing.

-films have high oil and acid resistance

-enable high-speed printing

-possess high resistance to moisture and abrasion

-have controllable transparency.

-are easily printable.

-possess greater stiffness

-have high acid resistance

-serve a spectrum of a wide range

-provide crystal clarity

-resistant to ultraviolet rays

-light in weight

-can be recycled

-possess most appropriate dimensional features

-not easily affected by environmental changes

-widely accepted worldwide


Why you should use BOPP film for packaging labels?

Due to its high resistance to moisture and weather conditions, it ensures the product stays protected against oxygen. This way its shelf life is extended.


BOPP films possess crystal clear transparency which enables a variety of high-quality graphics work to be done. This will consequently create a more appealing and attractive look for the product and makes it stand out among others when displayed on a shelf. This will, in turn, contribute to more visibility and possible patronage. BOPP film manufacturers enable transparent labels to be used to display the contents in clear containers.


BOPP films, due to their ruggedness and strength, can be very well recycled, which in turn reduces production and manufacturing costs, thereby increasing profit margin. They are very strong and tough, giving them a high resistance to fatigue.


BOPP films also enable high-quality sealing because of their strength against heat and other conditions and the ease by which machines can be used on them. So the original quality of products is maintained as much as possible. Sealing requirements from customers to BOPP film manufacturers usually can achieve a satisfying result.


BOPP films are lightweight. Hence they may incur little or no additional weight to the product or and cost in the area of packing, storing and transporting as well as easy handling.


BOPP films possess low density. This low density enables flexible packaging. It also gives more during conversion, as such each product can be said to consume less plastic. Again, this reduces production cost.


These films have low melting points so less energy is consumed during conversion from one form to another. Reprocessed granules can be used to manufacture other products, said the BOPP film manufacturers.


For food products, these films have high resistance to acids and solvents. So less risk of chemicals from it harelation with the product making it nontoxic.


BOPP films can also be waterproof. This enables it to have contact with different forms of water or be subject to areas of high humidity and still not lose its quality.


BOPP films offer various options so you can make the choice of the one that best works with your brand, logo, product or graphics work.


BOPP films are environmentally friendly and not easily damaged so the overall appearance and quality of the products are maintained. They are widely accepted worldwide nowadays owing to continuous improving by BOPP film manufacturers. The films are actually sought after and are very popular, giving your product a level of acceptance both in the hands of potential distributors and consumers.


Once you have the knowledge of the kind of product to label, the brand and logo as well as the label design, you would be equipped to make the right choice of the kind of BOPP film to use. You needn't delay to begin to experience the many benefits that come with using this product; to manufacturers and consumers alike in the areas of quality, durability, and sustainability.

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