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Importance of Food Packaging for Food Producers


In the last few decades, Food was mainly packaged to attract customers and make transportation easier. Manufacturers did not pay much attention to the nutrition quality and freshness of the food products. When it comes to keeping food fresh, shrink film does not only apply to fruits, meat, and vegetables but also snacks and puddings. Well, packaged food has a long shelf life and when the container is designed to meet the standards, it is easier to add pizzazz on it to capture the attention of browsers, which does no harm!


Different organic products like tea, meat, vegetables, coffee, and fruits require different packaging strategies and materials which help maintain their quality and freshness over the desired period. Although preservatives enable food materials to remain edible for longer periods of time than normal, the nutrients and freshness of the food are compromised during processing. This has prompted many companies to adopt the use of package bags which not only increase the shelf life of their products but ensure the freshness and nutrition content of the products are maintained at the maximum standards possible. So here how packaging helps maintain the freshness of food.


-Packaging eliminates food oxidation.

It was very difficult to maintain the freshness and the nutrients present in food products without altering their natural DNA. However, shrink film manufacturers came up with a breakthrough technology known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and it has proven to do the job excellently. The technique basically involves eliminating natural gases inside a container and replacing it with a mixture of protective gas which preserves the natural pH of the food being packaged. Oxygen which causes oxidation of food particles resulting in rotting is completely vacuumed out. The protective gas is carefully prepared according to the decay properties of the food. This helps the food last longer while maintaining its natural chemical content and freshness.


-Packaging inhibits contamination.

The good old days are long gone where you could pick a basket or a bag and collect whatever you wanted from the farm or local grocery store. With thousands of people visiting the market places and supermarkets, there is a lot of dirt around. This may result in unintentional contamination of the food products. If the food is inappropriately packaged it is prone to toxic contamination during transportation also as the roads are usually dirty. Once the microorganisms come into contact with the food, the rotating speed of the food is fueled. Many manufacturers have embraced the role of canning which helps keep food fresh and free from contaminants. Shrink film manufacturers are leading producers of sterilized cans which help keep food products cleans and free from bacterial infections as they are airtight and can withstand physical impact.


-Packaging helps Shielding Food from Physical Damage.

Foods like eggs, vegetables, fruits, and meat require physical protection from mechanical damage arising mostly from shock and vibration. The packaging process involves cushioning which absorbs the shock waves during transportation. The material used to make containers for transportation of delicate delivery such as fresh fruits and eggs is mainly made up of corrugated material and paperboard as they have the ability to resist abrasion, physical impact or crushing of the foods in transport. When the product is delivered to the supermarket without damage, the shelf life is increased as the internal food particles which are prone to bacteria are covered with a protective layer of peel. If you need packaging containers made to your specification, contact shrink film manufacturers who have been in the market for over 60 years to know what will work best for you.


-Tamper indication.

Initially, it was easier for people handling the food products to willful tamper with the storage containers. However, shrink film manufacturers have come up with a special packaging feature which aims to reduce if not eliminate the risk of adulteration and tampering. Although any form of packaging can be easily breached, installing tamper-evident features such as breakaway closer, banding, bottle liners or embedding graphics and texts on the container which are irreversible once opened have proved to be the solution. The most brilliant form of tamper-evident method is the use of a heat seal. Once tampered with or opened the seal changes into an irreversible color! The ability to eliminate food tampering ensures it reaches the consumer in perfect condition, free from contaminants. The freshness of the food is also maintained as the protective gas in the container does not escape because the container remains air-tight.


The primary purpose of any method of food packaging should be to maintaining the safety, quality, and wholesomeness of food. When selecting the packaging material, ensure it meets the safety standards. A good package material should not contaminate the stored food and should be easier to dispose of.

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