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what is pvc film used for?


PVC is a product recognized mainly due to its components, consisting of groups created on the basis of esters, which include monomeric fragments., pvc has many unique advantages and technical characteristics, therefore it is one of the most widely used and produced forms in the entire group of polymers. The substance has many uses, and the release of hydrocarbons is easily transformed into films, plastic bottles for drinks and fibers.

Unlike other materials, PVC film can be used in inflatable toys , decoration, insulation electrical tape, tablecloth, advertisement , stationery ,food packaging, liquid crystal displays, holograms, filters, dielectric foil for capacitors, insulation of conductor film and insulation strips, as well as the decoration of wooden products. High quality to prevent damage. A significant advantage of PVC films is that they can be easily modified by processing during or after manufacture by chemical or physical means. This increases the variety of use of films. Due to these characteristics, PVC is considered one of the best plastic players and has many functions.

PVC offers many advantages that have contributed to its widespread use. These include strength, transparency, thermal resistance, whiteness, uniformity, and resistance to other materials. It is clear that PVC is a durable material and has the necessary hardness of other types of components.

In addition to many advantages, PVC film is a standard material in various industries. Now it is in the form of pendant presentations, food containers, inflatable film, protective films for windows, laminates, electrical insulation, printed materials for advertisement, transparent film, cassettes, and other archive rooms and in many other applications where its desirable properties are appreciated. PVC film has gained popularity in recent years 

The PVC film is still very popular for packaging CDs and DVDs. You will also find that PVC film is used for packaging, software, and other non-food items. PVC foil is more fragile than PVC film and is not suitable for joining many products. PVC foil is also unsafe for use with food. PVC film gives off a smell that can irritate when used indoors. It is always recommended to use PVC film in a well-ventilated area.

The PVC film is very popular for use with food products, gift baskets, many product packaging, and more. The PVC film is more flexible than other material and does not break easily. PVC films emit a slight odor and are suitable for indoor use. As mentioned above, PVC films are safe for use in food products.

Many companies recognize the importance of PVC film in their business. Whether it is packaging or shipping, or to reduce costs, PVC products are a versatile tool used in many industries for many applications.

The PVC film is a flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use product for everything from plastic packaging envelopes to fertilizer bags, trash PVC film, and food packaging. PVC film offers a reliable and economical way to protect and transport products.

Inflatable Toys

Inflatable toys are toys that are shaped by tension and pressure difference between the inside and outside of a film. After deflating the air inside the inflatable toys, they are easy to carry.

 It is the characteristics of inflatable toys that make more people accept them. In addition, the development of large outdoor toys has driven the development of large inflatable toys to some extent. This phenomenon largely contributes to the widespread application of PVC material and also pushes the development of the toy industry. Therefore, in recent years, inflatable toys maintain good growth on the market. 

In addition to manufacturing inflatable toys, the film also can be used to the production of outdoor sporting goods and travel supplies, such as inflatable sofa, inflatable pillow, inflatable mattress, bed and so on. Cartoon - shaped inflatable sofa is quite popular with children. The inflatable bed is not only suitable for being used in household life, but also for outdoor play, office, construction site, student dormitory, sauna, shops, etc, which can bring us great convenience.

Decorative Film

In Germany, 40% of the furniture are made of PVC as the surface material. The colour and lustre are natural and colorful which makes the furniture beautiful in its appearance and elegant in its style. Besides that, it is widely used to make the desk, bookcase, sofa, and hutch ark.

For those who are allergic to wood and paint, PVC film packaging for furniture or kitchenware is ideal. By using PVC film as decorative film, people can use a lot of medium density board, particleboard, plywood and fiber board to reduce the amount of wood usage, thus reducing the damage to forests and even the environment. From this point of view, PVC film has made a great contribution to the protection of the ecological environment.

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