Linyang - An expert in PVC tarpaulin / PVC film industry since 2002


In Apr. 2002, ZHONGSHAN LIN-YANG PLASTIC CO., LTD. was registered. We are a foreign-owned company with a working area of over 33,333㎡ and 125 staff. In addition, we have gained strong support in economics with a total registered capital of 4 million US dollars and achieved the goal of reaching 50 million US dollars annual output.

We mainly run the business of manufacturing PVC tarpaulin fabric, PVC film (PVC sheet ) and other PVC products. By applying state-of-art production technology including weaving and knitting technology, we make our products be of high strength, heat and cold resistance, chemical resistance, and light resistance. With years of development, we have been an expert in manufacturing and selling multi-functional industrial textiles on the market.

Since establishment, we have been always conforming to the principle of pragmatism and innovation. And we will continuously improve the product quality and service and aim to achieve win-win result by adhering to the tenet of customer-oriented.



Since 2002, we have maintained a steady growth. Deng Yaohui, the CEO of our company, graduated from the “Swiss Victoria Machinery Institute” with Ph.D. He has rich theories and practical experience in the plastic production industry and has got 6 individual patents (1 invention patent and 5 utility patents). He designed and made plastic particle producing equipment in 1992, the PVC film production line in 1999, and led and coordinated with different machinery manufacturers to research the max extrusion output and widest calendaring machine together with “Shanghai Xinshui Mechanical Institute” in 2014, which achieved extruding-calendaring-molding-laminating-inkjet printing all-in-one service system. He set a precedent in the industry, and in 2017 led the team to further apply 2 invention patents and 6 utility patents which all got acceptance notice from “State Intellectual Property Office”.

Main business

Soft/semi-rigid/Transparent PVC film and Transparent wear layer, apply to inflatable outdoor and aquatic project, home/furniture decoration, stationary, handbags industry, SPC Floor etc. Besides above types, our new project including PVC tarpaulin, inkjet printing can be applied in the agriculture, fishery, livestock husbandry, transportation, industry, advertising, architectural membrane and tents, etc.


Lin-Yang has been applying advanced docking ERP system and production system since 2014. These systems are proved to streamline the production flow, reduce production cycle and increase production capacity. In 2016, we further develop the digital ammeter docking system and the productivity is greatly improved.

We also have the widest production line which reaches 6.8 meters wide. What’s more, we adopt intelligent control to achieve the automatization of each process and ensure the high quality.


Capacity, research and development

Lin-Yang has three PVC calendaring production lines currently with an annual output of thirty thousand tons. We are professional in producing soft and semi-rigid PVC including printable PVC tarpaulin, inflatable application, table cloth, ornamental application, stationary and handbags industry, etc. Lin-Yang owns a mature R&D team and efficient sales team with constant efforts. In the past 15 years, we have been operated under the management of perfect quality monitoring system. Products are manufactured in accordance with EU EN71-3, RoHS, PAHs, REACH, and USA ASTM-963, HR4040 standards. They are all of low toxicity and environmental protection. Meanwhile, phthalates-free PVC film occupies the predominant position in the market and is highly praised and appreciated. We can also produce flame retardant, cold resistant, mold resistant, and anti-ultraviolet PVC films and PVC tarpaulin. The products are widely sold to EU and USA. In addition, we also take pride in informatization management and automatic production in the industry.

Main investment programme in 2018

To expand production and technological transformation for automatically manufacturing PVC tarpaulin production line, we imported two sets of PVC late-model of polymer material equipment which can process BOPP, BOPA, BOPET, BOPS, and research and develop full-range stretching film and other macromolecule packaging films. We also purchase two sets of full tricot weft insertion machines from Germany. After finishing the transformation of automatic lines of stereoscopic warehouse palletizing, we can achieve self-unloading, storage palletizing, unpacking of 60 thousand tons of raw materials for PVC films, and automatically delivering the products to the corresponding weighing system via pipes, so that we can achieve automatic production.

Future development strategy

7.1 Industrial Chain Extension

By importing high-speed warp knitting machine, we can produce the product with the advantages of light weight, high strength, high/low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to light and other multi-functional industrial textiles. From a single tape production to calendaring process, we have a complete set of net printing PVC automatic production system. This kind of production mode can be done directly by working with advertising companies. They are responsible for the preliminary design and installation, and we are responsible for the production according to the design drawings. The finished products are directly delivered to the advertising installation site. The integration of this project can greatly save labor cost and transportation cost and improve the benefits of the enterprise.


7.2 Innovative Business Model

The clamp-designed wide net cloth printing machine and the only one global wide calendar of Lin-Yang enterprise are sold to customers who can purchase them in the form of the deposit. After depositing the money for a certain period, the procurement will be given back to customers. So it can be said that the printing machine is provided free of charge to the vendor. It is mutually beneficial and can help achieve a win-win result for both parties. The feasibility of this model mainly lies in that it can greatly reduce costs and become highly competitive due to the extension of the industrial chain mentioned above.

ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 9001: 2015
Since established, we have been audited to conform to the Quality Management System standard. After years of development, we have gained many certificates including ISO 9001:2015. This certificate is valid for the R&D, production, and sales of polyvinyl chloride adhesive tape products
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
As a professional manufacturer, Lin-Yang has passed several certifications and won a lot of favors. We always operate in accordance with environmental protection system and have received the certificate of ISO 14001: 2015. This Environmental Management System is valid for the R&D, production, and sales ofpolyvinyl chloride, adhesive tape products and related environmental management activities of involved sites
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