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Introduction of Impermeable PVC Tarpaulin


Impermeable PVC Tarpaulin, its main composition is polyester fabric and PVC film, because of its good impermeability, is widely used in agricultural drainage, salt field covering, common material covering and other purposes, can play a filtering, drainage, isolation and other functions.

When used as mulch, it can raise soil temperature, retain soil moisture, promote seed germination and seedling rapid growth, and inhibit the growth of weeds.

When used as mulch, it can effectively prevent the loss of fertile soil and organic fertilizer in the salt fields, and retain salt after the water evaporates.

When used as geotextiles, the soil is well protected from being washed away by rain.

The width of impermeable PVC Tarpaulin produced by Zhongshan Linyang Plastic Co., Ltd. is up to 6.4 meters. Compared with the narrow-width impermeable PVC Tarpaulin, the advantage of our impermeable cloth is that it can reduce welding procedure, improve waterproof performance, and avoid leakage caused by multiple welding joints. It can also save material and labor cost for customers, because the wider the width is, the less materials will be used and the fewer construction links will be required.


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