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Transparent PVC Film

Transparent PVC/Vinyl film is a versatile material widely used in various fields.Produced through a process called calendering, which involves passing the PVC resin through a series of heated rollers to create a thin and transparent film. With color stability,no bubbles, without fish eyes,water proof, easy to clean up,strong toughness durable and easy to recover,scratch resistant-prevent sharp objects from scratching characteristic.

Transparent PVC film can be used to make PVC folders, book covers and other stationery items in the PVC stationery industry to provide protection and decoration; And such as medical bags, urine collection bags, cosmetic bags, blanket bag, dust cover,toiletry bags, pouches raincoat, shower curtains, tablecloth. Clear PVC film can also be printed, coated and laminated to achieve customized designs and functionality (e.g. UV protection, scratch resistance, etc.), thereby increasing the product's practicality and appeal.

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