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Laminated PVC Tarpaulin

Laminated PVC tarpaulin is high-strength polyester plastic tarps that are thermally laminated on both sides with nylon and polyester coatings using bread-and-butter technology. Lamination makes these plastic tirpal 100% waterproof, windproof and strong. These UV-stabilized plastic triads protect cargo from all natural hazards. Additionally, double-sided thermal lamination further strengthens the fabric, making it extremely tough and tear-resistant. The PVC Laminated tarpaulin is manufactured from 100% virgin polymer particles and is fully repairable. PVC laminated tarps are also called vinyl laminated tarps. Our Laminated tarpaulin feature high-strength PVC layers that are strong, beautiful, lightweight and easy to maintain, waterproof and durable to withstand various weather conditions such as UV radiation, rain and snow, cold temperatures, strong winds, etc.

Laminated PVC tarpaulin is flexible, durable, waterproof, windproof, flame-retardant, anti-corrosive, dust-proof, anti-aging, anti-freeze, and anti-UV. PVC Laminated tarpaulin have excellent tear strength and temperature resistance from -35°C to 70°C. PVC laminated tarps are the perfect material for making truck covers, roof covers, awnings, backpacks, swimming pool fences and covers, ventilation ducts, sporting goods, kitchen appliances, decorative furniture and more.

As an experienced laminated PVC tarpaulin manufacturer with over 15 years of experience, Linyang is able to provide a competitive range of PVC laminated tarpaulin rolls and custom multi-layer cross-laminated tarpaulin products, which are available as per your requirements Different colors, sizes and patterns.

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