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Flex Banner Material

Blockout / Blackpack PVC coated / laminated tarpaulin fabric is a popular choice for tent and flex banner material applications. Unlike regular PVC tarpaulin which is typically white, these special variants offer unique features. 

Flex Banner Material is characterized by a white color on both sides, with a black layer in the middle. This design provides high opacity and excellent anti-UV performance, ensuring proper brightness inside the tent.

It is ideal for use in exhibitions, product promotions, night markets, advertising campaigns, celebrations, outdoor banquets, tourism, leisure activities, disaster relief, and fieldwork.

On the other hand, Blackpack PVC tarpaulin / blockout tarpaulin has a white surface on one side and a black surface on the other. Similar to the blockout variant, it offers high opacity, excellent anti-UV performance, and maintains proper brightness within the tent. When it comes to outdoor tents, there are different categories to choose from depending on specific needs. These specialized PVC tarpaulin fabric provide durable and versatile solutions for a wide range of tent applications, ensuring optimal performance and visual appeal.

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