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Market trends of lorry tarpaulin


Tarpaulin, also referred to as tarp has served its utility in being a major source of sturdy, flexible and water-resistant material which is not just low-cost but also provides significant protection against environmental factors which could harm the products. Among its other uses in the agriculture and construction industry, it has been applied predominantly in the automotive industry to cover the unenclosed vehicles like lorries. And it has been very effective in providing ample protection to the products in the lorries from rain, sunlight, dust, and moisture.

In the recent contemporary era of market growth, lorry tarpaulin manufacturers have seen an upsurge in the demand for lorry tarpaulin due to their applicability in the field. With the rising urbanization, there has been a rise in the need to enhance tarpaulin production. The major drivers which control the market demand of lorry tarpaulin include the growth of the end-use sectors. Also as the emerging economies are currently witnessing a huge increase in the transportation sector, this increase is driving the need for tarpaulin sheets. Another value adding the feature of these sheets is the low probability of the introduction of their alternative in the market. Their usage for advertising and promotion of brands is just another driving factor contributing to the growth of tarpaulin manufacture.

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However, there are some constraints to the demand of these sheets as well. The associated wear and tear to the tarpaulin sheets along with the chances of losing the water-proofing due to holes in the sheets limit the lorry tarpaulin manufacturers to control the production of these sheets.

Based on the type of material, there are various types of tarpaulin sheets being produced by the manufacturers of lorry tarpaulin. The most widely used among the materials is Polyethylene and it is believed to be the major driver of the global market of these sheets. There are two major sub-segments of polyethylene, the high density, and the low-density polyethylene. Of these, the high-density polyethylene is being preferred for production by the tarpaulin manufacturers due to its ability to be highly protective activity against dust, moisture and rain and its versatility to meet the needs of the infrastructure, residential and agriculture companies in addition to the automobile companies. The other types of material used include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyamide, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and canvas. Some forecasts of the market demand predict that lorry tarpaulin manufacturers will favor PVC tarps over the other segments in the future.

Lorry tarpaulin global market can also be segmented on the basis of the type and weight of product and lamination type. The type of products includes truck or lorry tarpaulins, insulated tarpaulins and UV protected tarpaulins among others. The other types comprise of those being used in sports. Market segmentation on the basis of weight consists of lightweight tarpaulin sheets of less than 100 GSM to those ranging from 100-300 GSM, 300-600 GSM and those above 600 GSM. Lamination types segment the market into sheets with up to two layers of lamination and those with three, four and above four layers.

To meet the needs of the contemporary market with its ever-changing demands, the lorry tarpaulin manufacturers should take some active steps to improve the quality of their produce. To overcome the major constraint of wear and tear and loss of water-proofing, tarpaulin manufacturers can work towards the improvement of their product through advanced research and development. Use of a more durable material like high-density polyethylene or PVC for the production of tarpaulin sheets can also bring about a rise in the demand of the product. Thereby, it can be said that lorry tarpaulin has demonstrated its applicability in the market due to its strength, flexibility, and durability. Also, it is available at affordable prices, making it an appropriate choice to protect the products from the damages incurred by dust, moisture and rain. These properties have resulted in making lorry tarpaulin acquire a global market value of US$ 7,012.2 million according to the studies conducted in 2017. Also, this value has been predicted to rise by 4.4 in the coming years. The lorry tarpaulin manufactures can bring about a further increment in this rise by the implementation of research and development strategies to improve the quality of the product and to overcome the current issues associated with the wear and tear of these sheets.

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