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Where is the PVC film used?


When you carefully look around, it is highly unlikely to miss something that's not plastic, right?


Actually, most of the things in your place of work or home are made of plastic.


PVC film in full is Polyvinyl Chloride, this is an artificial plastic which ranks third when it comes to the manufacture of plastics in the whole world.


PVC film is stiff at normal temperatures of a room but it can be made soft by combining it with a plasticizer during its manufacture.


It is very economical when it comes to its cost and also a very useful thermoplastic. It also has very outstanding stability which is dimensional with good strength not leaving out the incredible weathering features.


It can also be either stiff or soft, clear or that of color this will totally depend on what was used to make it, not leaving out that using heat you can easily process it again.


Features of PVC film


The PVC film also has features that make it stand out other plastics that were made either before or after it. It is composed of two features, that which has plasticizer is referred to as Flexible Vinyl film and the other which has no plasticizer commonly known as Rigid Vinyl Film.


The rigid or stiff is one that when you come across you will just love it since when it comes to how much it will cost, you will be surprised at how low it is, it was designed for almost everyone because of the affordability.


When it comes to durability it is the best and it cannot let you have feelings of regret, it will serve its purpose for what you bought it for and also be around you for as long as you had targeted it to be.


One of the best features of this rigid vinyl film is that it is very chemical proof, it is designed to fight off chemicals that would rather make it spoil. With it, you are sure of long term use.


When compared to the flexible one it has a more tensile power giving it more advantage.


Next is the flexible or less rigid vinyl film, it has a feature that will blow your mind which is, it is grease and oil proof, it has been customized to prevent rusting. With this, you are able to rest off your mind when it comes to rusting or decaying.


Although it permits oxygen through it, this resisting of oil or grease will be able to prevent rusting because for rusting to occur there must be oxygen involved.


The flexible prevents punctures to occur, so it is one of the best when it comes in the manufacture of tires and soccer, basket and rugby balls. It gives you confidence even if you are in a thorny environment.


It is also used in the packaging of foodstuff because of its preservative feature, for instance, it is used as plastic bags for perishable food.


When it comes to clarity it is exceptional simply out of this world and its grip is simply the best, no doubt about it.


Applications of PVC film


PVC film is applied in the following ways.


1. Conserving the environment

Is mostly aids in the conservation of the environment especially when it comes to energy and water, it usually achieves this by the introduction of pipes which do not leak that are not able to be corroded thereby reducing the pressure in the environment.

When it comes to breakage it has a very low rate which in turn boost energy sufficiency


2. Manufacture of household products

This is because of its features such as waterproof, cost-efficient and durability. For instance, a raincoat is very waterproof and it is one of the clothes that you only buy once without expecting them to wear off.


3. It is used in packaging

As earlier stated, flexible vinyl can also be used in the packaging of over the counter drugs and while on the other hand rigid vinyl is used as clamshell and blister packaging to safeguard medicines and other products found in the house.

Flexible PVC film is also good in preservation not only for foods but for medicines too. They are quite good at that.


4. Are used in windows and sidings

When it comes to windows frames and sidings that are as a result of vinyl you just expect them to be durable and those which will be able to conserve energy.

The vinyl also helps in the conservation of energy when it comes to cooling and heating at your home.


5. It also plays a role in the health sector

Because of its unbreakable feature, it is used in the making of blood banks that you may have seen in many hospitals. Actually, when it was first discovered to be unbreakable it was a great success when it came to ambulatory medicine. This led to the new and modern blood banks that are commonly used in the hospitals.

The durability nature of PVC film led to the manufacture of items such as syringes and IV giving sets which are mostly used in hospitals to treat patients.


6. Used in most wiring works

Despite the terrible conditions behind your walls PVC film has been custom made in such a way that it can last for a very long time just like the life of that house of yours.

Through the summer seasons and the winter seasons it always produces the best results, it is difficult to find any issues.


7. Flameproof

PVC film also has essential frame proof features. This is important since it can be able to prevent a loss that could have been started by flames. This explains why many electrical cables and wires are made of PVC film, in case of electricity issues either high or low it has got you covered at least.


Bottom Line

By going through its features and applications as mentioned above PVC film can simply not be ignored, if you have encountered any product made of it, please do not hesitate to spend your cash on it.


You are assured of durability and affordability, so go for it.

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