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Juice Pouches Packaging Styles


Juice Pouches Packaging Styles

LIN-YANG-Juice Pouches Packaging Styles

Everyone wants to know the best material type from plastic film manufacturers that can be used for packaging of the juice pouches. The idea has got many alternatives that one can use plastic films for packaging such products. As the plastic film manufacturer experts deal with even pouch packaging, we will give you various materials used for packaging of the pouches. Flexible packaging such as the one we will provide below has multiple engineered layers of barrier films.


They are bound together by lamination which creates an incredibly strong structure and durable as well which will enable it to be strong when withstanding punctures and have got some barrier properties which protect them from vapor, UV rays, moisture, and odor. Such protection and strength combination makes the pouches bags to be famous when it comes to retail products packaging. Many options are available to select from but below are some few types of materials in which you can use in packaging of the juice pouches.


Pouch Packaging Styles

1. The Stand-up Pouches

They are among the popular product packaging versions. The stand-up packaging pouch has got a wide face with bottom gussets which allow its style to be withstood in the shelf store as it provides some generous room amount at that time for the applied label or custom printing. As for the custom printing, the standup alone pouches is also the stand bags which may be printed until it reaches twelve colors with various available features like tear notches, zip locks, hang holes, and gas valves.


Various products which range from dry like cereals, spices, coffee, tea, and snacks with non-eatable items are the perfect ones when they are packaged with the stand-up style. Packaging for pet foods like catnip and dog chews merchandise they are packed well in this style too. Stand up pouches style is applied to various gussets regarding the volume and weight of those products that are packaged as well as the items which cost less than a pound to more than ten pounds. They are also able to have packaged in the stand-up pouch in terms of the quantity and the way the printing scheme is elaborated, the ranges of printed prices.


2. The Flat Barrier Bags

The most popular style too is the flat carrier bags. The style here is a sealed bag for three sides from the plastic film manufacturers, and they don't have bottom gussets which makes it not be able to stand. Either way, clients still choose this type of pouch package then they add some hang hole which makes them flat barrier bags since they work perfectly when displayed using pegs or when laid down. They are the best when applied for the smaller items in retail markets like the ones costing from a pound like the ingredients and spices or the non-food items like the chemicals, or the pet treats as well.


For clarity, the flat barrier bags are known for holding over a pound with the best printing like the one for stand-up pouches among other types of products. They are known for providing retail options that are limited because they can lay down or be hung only. Their options are known to be ranging between hang holes, zip locks, and the notches. The flat barrier bags have got different pricing rates in terms of quantity and size.


3. Stand up Spouted Pouches

The liquids stand up spouted pouches packages are known for liquid due to their characters. The standup spouted pouches are designed by plastic film manufacturers to having the ability to stand up on their own effectively in the shelf and be able to hold liquids like water, soap, juice, alcohol, and some fluid chemicals. The standup spouted pouches may be used rather than using semi-rigid or rigid and the jars since the main part of these kinds of standup bags are the spout they have with the applied cap.


The standup spouted style is printed for a maximum of 12 colors where the cap and spout are placed at the pouches center or even on a corner. Also, the spouted stand-up pouches can use the energy fraction which will enable them in making and taking the fraction from the required room by other types of liquid packages for the shipping and the storage. The spouted pouches can be recycled, and they are environmentally friendly too.


4. The Flat Bottom Bags

The flexible flat bottom boxes bags are closely related to the stand-up pouch. They are made of multiple fill flat layers from the plastic film manufacturers. The package has got the wide back and face which resembles the stand bag, and they also consist of the bottom and side gussets. Due to their design, it can hold more water or fluid volume compared to the traditional pouches which were using until 15% less the required film.

The gussets are all quite good when it comes to printing to twelve colors in the marketing perspective. They are also able to be made using tear notches, zip locks, gas valves, and hang holes. The flat bottom pouch was mainly created for the carton folding and box mimicking. Such designs use some laminated film barrier properties for content protection as they eliminate excess inner packages which are required normally for the carton folding and boxes. The flat bottom boxes can be recycled too and are friendly with human beings.


5. The Roll stock

Roll stock is another pouch package from the plastic film manufacturers where they emphasize on their machinery which can roll stock. When you take these plastic films rolls then bend them as you fold and seal, it will create finished pouches like the flat barrier and stand up pouches. Roll stock converting machinery makes the flat barrier bag whereas the most elaborated ones add they hang holes, zip locks, convert, and gas valves to the finished pouches. The rolling stock is made from barrier plastic film manufacturers for the aim of being used as another pouch style in packaging.


The above are the types of plastic films which are efficient when used in packaging the juice pouches and they are made by the plastic film manufacturers effectively to give the best results.

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