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SPC wear layer is the topmost protective coating of SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) flooring. This thin but strong layer serves as a shield against scratches, stains, fading, and other forms of damage caused by everyday use. Typically made of transparent PVC or polyurethane material, the wear layer vinyl flooring acts as a barrier between your feet and everything that comes into contact with your floor. From muddy shoes to pet claws, this resilient layer absorbs impacts and prevents them from reaching the core of your flooring. 

Durable wear layer ensures that your SPC flooring maintains its original appearance over time. It resists discoloration caused by sunlight exposure or harsh cleaning chemicals while preserving vibrant colors for years to come. Choosing the right flooring wear layer for your space depends on various factors such as foot traffic levels and specific requirements unique to each room. Generally speaking though when choosing an SPC flooring with a thicker wear layer (around 20 mils), you can expect higher durability which translates into longer lifespan.

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