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What materials are plastic toys generally made of?




ABS is the main material of the plug-in building blocks, and the three letters represent the three substances of "acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene" respectively.

The main reason for using ABS for building blocks is that its dimensional stability is good, and the toys made can keep the size and height consistent. At the same time, ABS has high hardness and toughness, and will not become brittle even at low temperature (low temperature resistance -40°). And wear-resistant.

In general, ABS is non-toxic and harmless, resistant to high temperature, low temperature and corrosion, but it does not mean that it can be scalded with boiling water.

Taking Lego as an example, although Lego is fine in an environment of minus 40°-110°, if it is cleaned with boiling water, it will occasionally smell, and even some bottom plates will be deformed. In addition to the plug-in building blocks, some models (such as Gundam, Transformers, plastic dolls, etc.), automobiles (inertial pullback cars, electric cars, riding strollers), and crawling plastic toys will use ABS. The purpose is to prevent break.


PVC can be hard or soft. Hard like water pipes, soft like infusion pipes, slippers can be made of PVC.


PVC is the most widely used material for plastic toys. Most (except balls) toys that need to be inflated are made of PVC, such as vaulting horses, balloons. Animal models (in the category of children's toys) that have both soft and hard feel will basically use PVC as the main material.

Toys made of PVC cannot be sterilized with boiling water. It is OK to directly disinfect with toy cleaner, or wipe with soapy water with a rag.


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PHR usually above 40P




Compared with the above two materials, the advantage of PP is that it can be put into the microwave oven. Therefore, it is often used as a container to hold food, oil, condiments, etc., such as lunch boxes and fresh-keeping boxes. In toys, PP materials are mainly used in small toys such as gutta-percha and rattles. First, they can be imported, and second, they can be sterilized by boiling in high temperature water.



Before 2011, the PC material bottle sold well in the north and south of the country, and then it was banned. 

The reason for the ban is that PC materials contain bisphenol A (BPA). The EU believes that bisphenol A will induce precocious puberty, lead to endocrine disorders, and threaten the health of fetuses and children, so it is banned. Similarly, PC-made toys may also contain bisphenol A, and there are similar toys on the market, but they are all very cheap ones.



There are also many types of PE. The soft ones are mainly used for film products, such as food cling film and plastic bags; the hard ones are suitable for one-time injection molding

 products and hollow products. Specifically in the application of toys, PE is the most typical for rocking horses and slides, which need to be formed at one time, and the middle is a

 hollow medium and large toy: For the safety of the baby, the medium and large toys should be formed at one time as much as possible. are relatively prone to accidents. In addition,

 the mainstream baby crawling mats (floor mats) sold in the domestic market are basically PE and EVA.



In 2015, CCTV's "Weekly Quality Report" broadcasted the topic of "toxic floor mats". Since then, EVA floor mats have disappeared. In fact, the two materials PE and EVA used to make the crawling mat are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless to human health.

In fact, the presence of formamide (a toxic substance) in the floor mat has nothing to do with the material itself, but with the additives in the production process. The floor mats made of PE did not detect excessive formamide, and 86.8% of EVA floor mats detected formamide exceeding the standard. This is because many EVA production raw materials are recycled materials, which lead to excessive formamide.

 In addition, in terms of flammability, CCTV has also conducted on-site tests. The burning of PE material is much faster than that of EVA material, which is a safety hazard. Therefore, from a safety point of view, the arrangement of purchasing floor mats should be: new material EVA > new material PE > recycled material EVA.



PU should be the most familiar to everyone. Often hear PU leather bags or leather jackets.

In recent years, there is a very popular Haitao explosive Manhattan ball, and the small thin tube on it is made of PU. Therefore, the Manhattan ball cannot be sterilized at high temperature, and can only be cleaned slightly with warm water.

08TPR and silicone


Strictly speaking, TPR and silicone are neither plastic nor rubber.


The application of TPR (also called TPE) in toys is mainly used in balls, such as crystal marbles, hole balls, Aobo balls, etc. In addition, TPR is also used in gutta-percha, but cannot be boiled in boiling water.


Silicone material is more expensive than TPR and other plastic materials, so it can only be used on small toys. The characteristics of silica gel are high temperature resistance (-40 ° to 230 °), which can be boiled in boiling water, and can also be used in dishwashers and microwave ovens. So in recent years, silica gel has gradually become the main material of gutta-percha. It should be noted that many sellers of TPR teethers say that they are medical silicone, which is completely deceiving. Silicone teethers can be sterilized in various ways, but TPR cannot be sterilized at high temperature.

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