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Mexico exhibition summary


In order to further develop the American market and increase our market share in the American market, we came to the beautiful Mexico City from August 20 to 27, 2019 with high quality samples and eager to meet customers and participated in FESPA Mexico.

LIN-YANG-Mexico Exhibition Summary, Zhongshan Lin-yang Plastic ColtdFESPA Mexico is the largest digital printing exhibition in Mexico and Central America, covering a wide range of industries including digital printing, sign, image, screen printing and textile printing. Through the exhibition, we can explore the latest technology, discover the market trend, and watch the on-site demonstration of equipment and products.

Exhibition attracted a lot of leading enterprises in the industry to participate. Before the exhibition, we invited the related customers to come to our booth for business discussion. During exhibition, we showed our company's main products of PVC Tarpaulin, PVC film for promotion, face-to-face talked with customers and got very important market information and customer feedback on the quality of our products, it can help us produce marketable products and improve product quality.

In this exhibition, we mainly promoted the advertising flex banner material, introduced our company's technology and products to them more deeply through the materials we bring, and further promoted the project we were talking about.

In addition to the previous customers, I also got to know a lot of new customers through this exhibition. Although they did not purchase a lot of products, we benefited from our communication in production technology

Through this exhibition, we also learned about the overall economic and industrial development of Mexico, as well as some understanding of the local conditions and customs of Mexico, strengthened the communication and understanding with customers, promoted the progress and determination of the project, and accumulated better resources and experience for the subsequent business expansion of the company.

Attached the brief introduction:

1. PVC Tarpaulin and Flex Banner

2. PVC Film

2.1 Inflatable toys PVC film 2.2 Decorative PVC film 2.3 Translucent PVC film

2.4 Transparent PVC film 2.5 Normal PVC film

Product Application:

Application of PVC Tarpaulin: 1. Advertising Flex Banner; 2. Eco-Agriculture Tarps

3. Geotextile; 4. Tent Tarps; 5. Membrane structure architecture; 6. Truck Cover

Application of PVC Film:

1. Inflatable toys PVC film; 2. Decorative PVC film; 3. Protective film; 4. Eco-Agriculture Tarps; 5. Electrical tape; 6. Plastic shower curtain; 7. Plastic tablecloth; 8. Plastic raincoat / Plastic umbrella 

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