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Linyi tarpaulin on selected tent _ industry dynamic value

by:LINYANG     2020-04-05
We are picking up anything, you must first understand the selected items, can choose the good, the linyi tarpaulin manufacturer to teach you how to choose tent, linyi tarpaulin factory is located in linyi city in east China plastics market in the southern district of 28; Is a company specializing in the production of tarpaulins, striped cloth, car tarpaulin products of the company. Below we together to learn about the selection of the tent skills: when many people choose the tents are always tend to choose appearance and color. In fact, it is not right. Tent quality is the core of the support bar and the production process. As long as both reached the standard of qualified, so, this tent tents should be good. Let's look at tongda tarpaulin factory core technology - — Support bar and the production process. Over the past few years, tent support bar has never bending of aluminium pole evolved into scalable folded aluminium pole or lighter FRP rod, only a few large family with tents, still use the old aluminum rod as the support. This new type of support bar in use simply pull them out when it is ok to hold, rather than like old-fashioned support bar need to some assembly work. When not in use, they also can be folded more closely, in order to take up less space. For glass steel and aluminium to compare relative problems, there are still some controversy. Glass fiber reinforced plastic is lighter, the intensity is bigger and cheaper than aluminum, it folded up and more closely. FRP is the main problem, however, its brittleness, under the influence of different weather conditions prone to crack, crack in the glass fiber reinforced plastic support bar cannot repair and must change the whole. While aluminum is easy to repair some small fracture does not affect the use of Jiang, and it can only replace a damaged part. Although any tent may can use, but when choosing a tent, it will determine the durability of the manufacturing process, and a well-made tent can be used many times without any problems. Process good tent first is the stitching of tent should be close stitches, using four layers of double row sewing method, should look as strong as a pair of jeans, a sturdy stitching can provide greater strength and better waterproof properties. In tents, part of the concentrated stress, stitching should be strengthened. Pull the seams of tents, to receive strength evenly in all places should, uneven stress will lead to stress concentration place premature breakage. That is prudent tarpaulin factory core technology - — Support bar and the production process, believe seen people are aware of this article. Above knowledge provided by linyi tarpaulin manufacturer, want to learn more knowledge about the tarpaulin please go to our official website: tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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