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How do you use the truck tarpaulin, how to transfer car

by:LINYANG     2020-03-23
How do you use the truck tarpaulin, how car 1) Only applies to the gondola car. A car film covering a tarpaulin. 2) Yantai tarpaulins film covering flat, no goods the leakage. At the top of the ridge, Angle on both ends of the dense paste, smooth lines on both sides. Each part size is not overrun. 3) Rope tied knot, bound to position correctly, the knot is firm, no slack off, on the t-bar cords with butterfly wings shape, rope head over the tail length 100 ~ 300 mm. 4) Hand truck brake drooping tarpaulin cover end plate at one end section length is 500 mm or less. Hand truck brake disc, brake disc and does not affect the hand hook rod is used. 5) Vehicles on both sides of the tent prolapse highly consistent, car number appears. 6) Tarpaulin positive ( The waist line outward) Longitudinal film covering, waist line at the side of the platform. 7) Angle rope tied: tarpaulins in each side 2 Angle rope tension respectively, make the tarpaulins Angle outward expansion into triangular shape. Cloth Angle after the two sides pressing bends to the truck end wall, in tight Angle on both ends of the vehicle, through the pressure line, hand hook or inside of the hand brake lever, the X taut, binding t-bar on opposite sides of the vehicle, respectively. 8) Pressure rope tied: tent rope, each side pressure should pin tarpaulins Angle taut, make the tent close to the vehicle side wall, bundled respectively on the vehicle lateral t-bar. 9) End of rope tied: tarpaulins 2 per side side rope, should tighten convergent, through the portable hook or hand brake lever, vertical tied up at the end of the vehicle respectively on two t-bar. 10) Waist, rope tied: have t-bar among vehicles that tent in the middle of the waist, rope tied up in the middle of the vehicle on the t-bar respectively; No t-bar among vehicles that tent in the middle of the waist, rope tied respectively near the vehicle in the middle of the t-bar. Other waist, rope, from the start on both ends of the vehicle, toward the central vehicle, order bundles on the t-bar accordingly. Tarpaulin tent factory tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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