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Due to the lack of follow-up measures, the 'Plastic Limit Order' has not achieved much in four years

by:LINYANG     2020-02-02

In the past few days, reporters have found that in addition to large supermarkets, ultra-thin plastic bags that do not meet the standards are still widely used in some vegetable markets and food stalls in Haikou.

'Plastic Limit Order' It has been more than four years since it was promulgated and implemented in June 1, 2008. 'Plastic Limit Order' Although it is still being implemented, it has actually fallen into an embarrassing situation in some places.

countries resist some vendors in disguise'Plastic Limit Order'I have already expected it. On the one hand, the Ministry of Commerce drafted the management measures for the paid use of plastic shopping bags, and formulated severe punishment measures. The offenders will be fined up to 30 thousand yuan. At the same time, the 'plastic limit order' centralized the production and sales of plastic bags to eight ministries and commissions, and clarified the regulatory responsibilities.

according to common sense, high fines and strict supervision, businesses should seriously abide by'Plastic Limit Order', Refused to provide consumers with plastic bags. However, in the author's opinion, in the actual situation, it is necessary to implement it well. 'Plastic Limit Order'It is not easy.

I think the biggest reason for the difficulty in implementing this policy is the absence of supporting measures.

currently'Plastic Limit Order' In the process of implementation, the biggest difficulty is that the price of substitute reusable shopping bags is too high for consumers to bear. Most of the average price is 3 to 5 yuan, some of which are higher and priced at 15 yuan. It is conceivable that such a price is difficult for ordinary people to accept. To this end, the author suggests that, on the one hand, enterprises that produce green shopping bags should be supported in the form of financial subsidies to reduce their ex-factory prices; In addition, merchants should also benefit consumers.

of course, you can't pin your hopes on'Plastic Limit Order' On the other hand, businesses, families, enterprises and other parties must consciously join the ranks of restricting the use of plastic shopping bags. Family cooperation implementation'Plastic Limit' Measures, businesses consciously ban sales, but also like restricting smoking, in various public service advertisements Plastic shopping bags destroy the ecological environment'And other explanatory text. In addition, we must learn from foreign advanced management experience. In this regard, we can learn from Ireland to curb plastic bag consumption more effectively by increasing purchase costs, transmitting environmental information and strengthening government responsibilities.

In recent years, the frequent emergence of'Short-lived' Decree, throughout these policies'Short-lived' The problem is also that the follow-up supporting measures have not kept up. All subsequent supporting measures must be done well and done.

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