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Due to excellent characteristics, soft pvc films

by:LINYANG     2020-06-28
Polyvinyl chloride is currently a highly transparent plastic material, and as the soft pvc type among them, it mainly exists in the form of a film, and this film has a certain viscosity after production and processing. It is also the main factor that causes this material to become a film. In many cars or wallpaper, this form of PVC film is a better choice. First of all, its transparency determines its variability, and it is inherently sticky, so as a film, it is still It is more suitable. At present, most mobile phones or computer films are in this form of material processing. ????As a pvc film, in fact, its role is very wide, not only in electronic technology or in the automotive industry, in some processing machinery, this film has a certain effect. Many times, the plastic wrap we use has the composition of this material. It can be seen that it is widely used, not just soft PVC. In fact, compared to PVC film, the hard form Polyvinyl chloride also has a very high market prospect, and it is also widely used.
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