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Inflatable Toys textured vinyl PVC sheet

Inflatable PVC toys are toys that are shaped by tension and pressure difference between the inside and outside of a film. After deflating the air inside the inflatable toys, they are easy to carry.


PVC Film, with high tensile strength, weatherability, waterproof features, can be used to make large inflatable pvc toys, leisure furniture series, small cartoon toys, promotional inflatable gifts, small ads simulation module, life-saving appliances, aquatic amusement toys, inflatable swimming pool, pool water transparent roller, etc.


The feel of inflatable pvc film must be soft, and the softness is normally between 50PHR to 59 PHR because if the softness too low, the inflatable product will be broke easily.


In addition to manufacturing inflatable toys, the film also can be used to the production of outdoor sporting goods and travel supplies, such as inflatable sofa, inflatable pillow, inflatable mattress, bed and so on. Cartoon - shaped inflatable sofa is quite popular with children. The inflatable bed is not only suitable for being used in household life, but also for outdoor play, office, construction site, student dormitory, sauna, shops, etc, which can bring us great convenience.

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