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Architectural Membrane

Cable-membrane structure is a kind of stable surface formed by the tensile and compressive action of other film materials with high strength and flexibility. It can bear certain external loads. It is light, soft, full of strength, flame retardant, and easy making. In addition, it can be installed fast and has the advantages of energy saving, easy construction, and the highest level of safety, so that it has been widely used all over the world. The types are structured and inflated.


The main components of structural membrane structures are membrane materials, steel structures and steel cables. Different film materials and steel cables have different properties and are priced differently.



Pneumatic type of membrane structure architecture is called gas bearing type membrane structure architecture. It is a special architectural membrane material (PVDF) for building the enclosure, and is equipped with a set of intelligent mechanical and electrical equipment. It functions in the fully closed gas film building interior and provides air pressure, making the whole building's interior keep a positive pressure of the external environment, so that the main body of the building can be propped up by the pressure difference inside and outside. This type is widely used in the industrial workshop, logistics, warehouse, sports entertainment and military facilities and other fields. It features strong building flexibility, short installation period, low construction cost and maintenance cost, low energy consumption, environmental protection, strong durability and weather resistance, light weight, etc. In addition, the service life can reach more than 35 years.

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