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Advertising Banner Tarpaulin

The lamp-box cloth is made of fabric composed of two layers of PVC and one layer of high-strength grid cloth. Our main production methods are scraping coating method, calendering method, and sticking method (melting method).




1. For wedding photography, the decoration of home, architecture, design institute, planning institute, and product design center, bridge construction. The ultra-thin light box is especially suitable for the demanding environment of space use, such as elevator, public passage, shopping mall, supermarket, subway and station.


2. For exhibition hall, museum, library, gymnasium, art gallery, exhibition hall, opera house, university, middle school, vocational school, hospital, bank, insurance, and securities' decoration.


3. For conference center, exhibition center, municipal engineering, department stores, chain supermarkets, shopping plaza, jewelry chain monopoly, cosmetics, beverage, alcohol and tobacco trade, fast-food chains, medicine, stationery chain center, high-quality goods wholesale center, furniture, home appliances, instruments, franchised stores, and advertising sales promotion project.


4. Applied in municipal flat ground lamp lighting system, square, park attractions engineering, local light engineering, community publicity column, shelters, self-help bank withdrawals engineering, telephone booth engineering, power engineering, construction engineering, airport channel engineering, and subway station exit, etc.


5. For the decoration of hotel, tea house, villa, restaurant, cake house, bar, karaoke bars, dance halls, sauna, beauty salon, fitness, health care and other wall paintings.

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