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Why is PVC blister film so popular?

by:LINYANG     2022-07-01
The blister cabinet board has two kinds of effects: bright and matte. After a certain modeling treatment, it is fashionable and classic, with delicate luster and soft color. The surface of the door panel is smooth and easy to clean, without cluttered colors and complicated lines. It is suitable for kitchens with small area and simple and bright design in ordinary families. Everything is mainly practical. What specific advantages does it have? Today, the experts of PVC blister film will introduce the 8 advantages of blister door cabinets, which will definitely make it fashionable. Moisture and temperature resistance It can be used in a humid environment not exceeding 85 degrees. Leading fashion colors Leading fashion colors to meet individual needs and create imagination space for you and designers. Non-toxic, non-polluting The raw materials have been specially refined to remove toxic substances, and heavy metals are not used as stabilizers, which do not pollute the environment. Anti-scratch and wear-resistant The surface of the film can be scratched with nails without leaving traces, and the color of the surface will not change or fade after frequent washing. No chromatic aberration, no discoloration The same product has the same color, surface effect and pattern every time it is supplied. The molded door panels are used indoors with no color change for 20 years. Good back coating With this back coating, after adding two-component suction plastic, the door panel will not open for 10 to 20 years. Easy to form The door panel processed with this film has a good three-dimensional effect, the film at the groove does not rebound, shrink, and the corner does not turn white. Easy to decontaminate The surface of the film does not generate static electricity during the scrubbing process, and it is not easy to adhere to dust. Oil and dirt on the surface can be removed immediately with ordinary cleaners within 12 hours.
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