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Walk to the tent factory, how do you know tarpaulins maintenance

by:LINYANG     2020-04-04
Tent is waterproof, fire prevention, Flame retardant) , sunscreen, anti-aging, mouldproof, anti-static, and other functions, and has a light texture, high tensile strength, acid and alkali, high temperature resistance, easy wash fold, etc. So analysis has been widely used in real life, it is waterproof sunscreen in summer is very important, linyi liqun tarpaulin factory buy tarpaulin. Linyi liqun tarpaulin factory engaged in tarpaulins industry for eighteen years, now our factory mainly produces PE waterproof tarpaulins, products are all made of South Korea advanced equipment and raw materials produced by seiko, high quality. So how tarpaulins to the maintenance? Below small make up a few tips for you. 1, tarpaulins sharps should be avoided when using cut cloth, in cloth waterproof performance degradation. 2, waterproof tarpaulins used up, should be to save the package after drying, for reuse. Tarpaulin stacked inventory should notice moistureproof, prevent the mouse biting, according to the condition of temperature and local climate, hang on a regular basis. 3, tarpaulins handling process should pay attention to the strength, as far as possible to prevent the outer packing damage, prevent brute-force ripped apart and dragged on the ground, you can use scroll way of handling tarpaulin. 4, tent is expanded because of their good place in, avoid any damage to pull on the earth lead to tarpaulin. Check the ground, remove sharp objects, prevent damage of tarpaulins surface fabric. 5, please predict the local wind, when the wind is too large, please in advance to waterproof tarpaulins for reinforcement. Tent, tent factory, tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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