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What is the production process of PVC film?

by:LINYANG     2022-11-13
The production process of PVC film is unpacking, inspection, screening, formula—kneading→Granulation→Extruded thick film→air cooling→hot water bath heating→Lateral inflation of the shaping cylinder→Lamination Roller Foam Extinguishing→Rewind into heat shrinkable film. The production process of PVC is not complicated. The ordinary production line is generally composed of a rolling machine, a printing machine, a back coater and a cutting machine. Films of 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm are produced at the same time and are printed on the front side of the film by a printing machine, and a back coat is attached to the back side of the film by a back coater. But don't underestimate this layer of back coating, it is an important guarantee for the high-quality performance of PVC film. The back coating is composed of special materials and is a high-energy affinity agent. It is precisely because of this back coating that the PVC film can be tightly integrated with the MDF or other boards, and it will not be glued for ten or even fifteen years. The biggest problem of ordinary veneer is that it cannot solve the problem of film falling off. Since the whole production process is carried out at high temperature (the temperature in the rolling machine reaches 220 degrees), this makes the PVC film have high light resistance and fire resistance, ensuring the high quality of the PVC film.
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