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What is the difference between waterproof knife scraping cloth and advertising light box cloth?

by:LINYANG     2022-11-03
What is a knife scraper? Knife scraping cloth is based on knife scraping cloth and PVC film on the upper and lower sides. Multi-fiber stickers are added between the double-sided PVC interlayers, and then a certain pressure is applied by the rotation of the hot roller, and 3 layers of materials are synthesized and cooled. It is also a chemical synthetic material, and its thickness is thicker than ordinary lamp cloth. The front is sensitive and lubricated, the reverse is rough, and the particle type is thick and uneven. The blade has the difference of high gloss and dumb, and the main application scale is different. The high gloss is mainly used indoors, and the dumb surface can be used both indoors and outdoors. Because they are of very good quality, even in bad weather conditions, it will not affect its use. What is light box cloth? Light box cloth is a light box signature fabric composed of double-layer PVC and a layer of strong mesh cloth, also known as Polaroid cloth, which can be divided into internal reflection and external light. The main production methods are knife mark coating method, rolling method and bonding method. Characterized by thickness and tensile strength. First, what is the difference between the two? 1. Knife scraping cloth is generally used for coating film covers, light boxes, wallpapers, wide advertising paintings in public places, etc. The use of light box cloth is wider. 2. The knife scraping cloth has strong durability, low price and poor texture. It can be illuminated with a light-transmitting light or a built-in light pole. Most of the light box fabrics have smoke screens, ultraviolet rays, and textures, and are often used indoors. For example, mobile advertising light boxes, airport subway large light boxes, etc. Second, the characteristics of knife scraping cloth are as follows: 1. High saturation, clear and delicate picture, fresh color 2. High strength, good ductility and flexibility. This unique nature makes this material widely used in large-area, high-end and sophisticated commodity markets. 3. The appearance is smooth and the ink absorbency is strong. According to the chemical properties of the material, it has strong ink adsorption, and can be highly attached under the condition of oily or water-based inks. 4. The stability of physical and chemical properties is mainly anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, and cold resistance. Third, what is worth noting in the blade scraping device and application process? When using the knife scraping cloth, do a good job of cleaning first. During the process, use a tool to scrape off the backing paper while scraping it. After repeating this, the probability of wrinkling after the knife scraping cloth is pasted will be reduced.
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