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Main points of film pressing process control of PVC vacuum plastic decorative sheet

by:LINYANG     2022-05-24
PVC film lamination technology is very important in the furniture industry, especially in the production of door panels and cabinets. The medium and high density substrates are processed into various linear shapes and then blistered with various matt high gloss, color and texture PVC films, making the products colorful and dazzling, creating a great choice for consumers. However, products manufactured using this technology. The pros and cons of its quality vary widely. The reasons for these differences are not only the factors of the base material and the PVC blister film of the finishing material, but also the control of the process parameters during the processing. Let's take a look with ZHONGSHAN LINYANG PLASTIC CO.LTD in Zhongshan City! 1. The working principle of the positive and negative pressure vacuum forming machine uses the plasticity of the PVC film to heat and pressurize the PVC film, and coat the PVC on the surface of the workpiece through the adjustment and control of the film pressure time, the temperature in the equipment cavity and the air pressure. . Working process: (1) The workpiece is placed on the worktable; (2) The worktable enters directly under the heating plate; (3) The heating plate and the worktable are closed; (4) The air between the heating plate and the silicone membrane is drawn out, and the silicone The film is adsorbed on the heating plate and heated; (5) After the set time is reached, compressed air is injected between the heating plate and the silicone film, the silicone film is in close contact with the PVC plastic film, the workpiece and the PVC plastic film are heated, and the PVC plastic film is heated at the same time. The blister film is softened, and the temperature of the edge of the board reaches the activation temperature of the glue; (6) The air between the workbench and the PVC blister film is quickly drawn out to form a vacuum, and then compressed air is injected between the PVC blister film and the heating plate , the PVC film is wrapped on the board under the action of the set pressure and temperature.
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