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How to solve the problems in the production process of PVC blister film?

by:LINYANG     2022-05-26
As a very commonly used material in home decoration at this stage, PVC blister film is favored by everyone, but we often encounter some problems in the production process, so how can we solve it? Today we will take you to find out. Phenomenon 1: Analysis of the causes of foaming in the groove: 1. The temperature or pressure does not meet the requirements, resulting in false suction; 2. The amount of glue is not enough, the amount of spraying is small or the sheet is glued; 3. Preheating (softening PVC film) or suction time (molding time) is not enough; 4. After the plastic forming, the pressure is withdrawn before the temperature has dropped. 5. The heat resistance of the glue itself is not enough. Solution: 1. Increase the temperature or vacuum degree; 2. Increase the amount of glue applied and choose a board with good quality; 3. Increase the preheating or forming time; out of the vacuum. 5. Use with curing agent. Phenomenon 2: Analysis of the causes of local foaming: 1. The glue spraying is uneven, resulting in a small amount of local glue, which reduces the bonding strength; 2. The problem of PVC film, PVC film contains plasticizer, in the case of aging or heating 3. There is a problem with the heating tube in the blister machine, causing uneven temperature. Solution: 1. Try to make the amount of glue sprayed evenly; 2. Use good quality PVC film; 3. Repair the equipment in time. Phenomenon 3: Analysis of the reasons for not being able to absorb or shrinking the edge: 1. During blistering, the side temperature is too low or the vacuum degree is not enough; 2. The temperature resistance of the glue is not enough; 3. After the blister molding, the temperature has not dropped Down the case, just undo the stress. Solution: 1. Increase the temperature or vacuum degree; 2. Use with curing agent; 3. After plastic forming, the temperature is cooled to room temperature or slightly higher, and then the vacuum is withdrawn.
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