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How to control the color difference of PVC blister film

by:LINYANG     2022-05-27
With the continuous expansion of the PVC blister film market, domestic and foreign customers began to raise the color difference and quality problems of PVC wood grain film in the market. Zhongshan ZHONGSHAN LINYANG PLASTIC CO.LTD explained how to control the color difference of PVC products as follows: At present, There is very little introduction of color matching technology in PVC film. In the PVC wood grain film technology book, it is also a pass. The color matching of PVC manufacturers is mostly based on experience, and the color matching is used by trial and error. Sometimes the quality of the colorant changes, and it is difficult to correct and adjust the color difference. Although there are many types of colors, there are only a few used for coloring PVC films. How to use these limited coloring pigments to formulate various colors of PVC films? As a color matching designer, first of all, you should understand the color matching principle and adopt an appropriate method to realize the designed color. PVC color matching can be mixed with three primary colors of red, yellow and blue. You can get all the colors you want. Various colors can be regarded as the three primary colors of red, yellow, and blue mixed in a proportional amount. By reconciling any two of the red, yellow, and blue primary colors with each other, various other colors can be obtained. For example, if red and yellow are mixed, orange can be obtained, and yellow and blue can be mixed to obtain green. [But in practice, the colorants we use may have very different tinting strengths, so in terms of the proportion of the amount, there are very different big difference]. PVC blister film means that more shades can be obtained if the two colors are mixed in different proportions. These colors are collectively called secondary or secondary colors. If the secondary color and the primary color or secondary color of different colors are mixed with each other, it is called secondary color or tertiary color. For example, when orange and green are mixed, it becomes olive, when green and purple are mixed, gray is obtained, and when the secondary color orange is mixed with the secondary color violet, it is tan. For example, arranging the three primary and secondary colors to form a triangular color puzzle. Get a lot of ternary colors. As shown in the figure: At the same time, you can also add an appropriate amount of white on the basis of the primary color or secondary color to make pink, light blue and other light colors. If you add an appropriate amount of carbon black, you can make brown, dark green, coffee and other colors with different lightness. However, Zhongshan ZHONGSHAN LINYANG PLASTIC CO.LTD needs to point out that when the three basic colorants of red, yellow and blue are combined in 'equal amountsBlack can be said to be a special example of the tertiary colors.
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