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Analysis of the characteristics of PVC blister film blister board

by:LINYANG     2022-05-26
The blister board is PVC, also known as high molecular polymer, which is called defect-free board abroad. The base material is MDF, the surface is vacuum mixed or the seamless PVC film compression molding process is adopted, which is a very mature material. The blister panel does not need edge sealing in regular size and has good waterproof, moisture resistance, hardness and flexibility. Next, the editor will analyze and introduce the characteristics of PVC blister film blister board. As a new type of green environmental protection material, blister board has been widely used in advertising decoration, interior decoration, automobile interior decoration, etc. , refrigerator lining, home appliance shell, mobile panel door, mobile toilet door and blister packaging of daily necessities, cosmetics, sporting goods, automotive supplies, electronic products, toys, etc. Blister board is an amorphous, odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent colorless or slightly yellow thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially excellent impact resistance, tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength High; small creep, dimensional stability; good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, stable mechanical properties, dimensional stability, electrical properties and flame retardancy in a wide temperature range, can be in -60~ Long-term use at 120 °C; no obvious melting point, in a molten state at 220-230 °C; due to the high rigidity of the molecular chain, the resin melt viscosity is large; the water absorption rate is small, the shrinkage rate is small, the dimensional accuracy is high, the dimensional stability is good, and the film is breathable It is a self-extinguishing material; it is stable to light, but not resistant to ultraviolet light and has good weather resistance; oil resistance, acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, oxidizing acid and amine, ketone, soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatics Solvents can easily cause hydrolysis and cracking in water for a long time. The disadvantage is that due to poor fatigue resistance, it is easy to produce stress cracking, poor solvent resistance and poor wear resistance. I believe that after reading the above analysis and introduction of the editor, you will understand the characteristics of the PVC blister film blister board.
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