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Analysis of the causes of foaming of pvc blister film and how to avoid it

by:LINYANG     2022-05-27
Many users reported that in the process of work, the pvc coating film will appear bubbles after a period of use, why is this, then let Henan pvc plastic film manufacturer make a detailed analysis and Avoid the plan now! 1. It is likely to be a coated product, and the heat resistance is not good! 2. The initial setting of the coating glue is not good; 3. The coating glue is not dry, and the molten type goes in; 4. The curing agent and glue are not prepared for a period of time to allow them to fully react; 5. The glue is thick, and Henan pvc coating The film corrodes and foams, resulting in dense long-shaped small bubbles. In other cases, you can see the bubbles at the time. Only the glue is thick, you can't see it at the time, and it will come out after a while. Just make it thinner! 6. The raw material of the plastic corrugated board is the reprocessing of recycled plastic steel material. The surface of the board is very smooth and it is not easy to coat. The amount of glue used is large, and the speed of the coating machine cannot be opened quickly, otherwise it is easy to foam. 7. In theory, a constant temperature room should be prepared for cold stickers! The coated product should be placed in a constant temperature room for 24 hours! Avoid using PVC film to coat hot sol to coat aluminum, aluminum alloy, pvc wood-plastic board, corrugated board without foaming: 1. After the product is finished, it needs to be cooled for two to three days, and it should not be exposed to the sun or exposed to the sun Bake at high temperature; 2. The aluminum material should be melted well, and there should be no garbage, dirt and oil on the surface of the material; 3. Try to use high molecular weight coating hot sol water.
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