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You must know the color matching principle of PVC film

by:LINYANG     2020-06-06
????Notes on color matching-color matching principles and methods ????We all know that color is an important and indispensable part of people's lives. If there is no color, then the world will be bleak. The existence of color is essential. In the development of modern society, more and more colors are gradually born, and color matching has become a popular trend. The combination of two or more colors to produce a special effect is called color matching; color matching varies according to color, personality, and method of selection. Trained color matching personnel must first understand the three elements of color and understand the principles and methods of color matching. 1. Judgment of content: Whether the product has special requirements, such as weather resistance, heat resistance, sulfur resistance, etc., then select the appropriate color material. 2. Hue selection: the color combination of the sample, according to which hue is selected. 3. Check: Each time the coloring material is added, the sample must be compared with the sample to determine the difference, and then redeployed. Note the color matching of PVC film: (1) Influence of light (2) Influence of hue, improper color selection, too much or too little dosage (3) The state of the surface: the effect of pattern haze etc. 4. Coloring cost: the unit price of coloring material and its coloring amount. 5. Color reproducibility: Confirm after color matching. Matters needing attention in color matching of pvc film 1. Selection of standard color material: Factors to consider (1) Hue, density (2) Physical properties (3) Price 2. Cultivate the habit of collating information: Organizing the daily income into a book can improve the accuracy and speed of color matching in the future. 3. Analysis of the cause of color difference (1) Factors of toner: (a) Lot unstable (b) Hue difference (c) Concentration difference (d) Poor heat resistance (e) Poor dispersion (2) Factors of color matching operation: (a) color comparison error (b) recording error (c) improper material (d) insufficient light source (e) thickness difference (f) weighing error (3) Site factors: (a) Judgment error (b) Weighing error (c) Insufficient mixing (d) Unclear car cleaning (e) Non-compliance with operating standards (f) Incorrect color package (a) Different samples Properties (b) Different light transmittance (c) Wrong form filling (d) Different thickness (e) The supplied sample is too small (f) The order is not clear
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