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Xinjiang held a plastic film recycling project site meeting

by:LINYANG     2020-01-24

February 22

A few days ago, the on-site meeting of the mulch recycling project in the autonomous region was held in Yuli county, Bazhou, Xinjiang. The meeting called for exploration and establishment of'Three mechanisms' : Scientific use mechanism of plastic film, waste plastic film recycling mechanism and resource utilization mechanism.

all the representatives of the meeting visited the site of the waste plastic film processing and granulation production line of the plastic film recycling project in Yuli county, and representatives of 17 counties and cities reported the progress of the project. The meeting pointed out the current situation of plastic film pollution and its main causes, and clarified'Plastic film pollution control' It aims to reduce pollution, protect farmland environment and save resources.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to fully promote the use of thickness 0. More than 008mm plastic film to improve recovery efficiency; Adhere to market-oriented operation, do a good job in layout, and improve recycling outlets; Support and guide resource utilization enterprises, farmers' professional cooperatives and capable people to participate in the purchase of residual film and resource utilization; Finally, all agricultural departments comprehensively investigated the residual amount of plastic film, mastered the pollution data, and provided scientific basis for the decision-making of Party committees and governments at all levels.

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