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Xie total negotiation with chaoyang mayor 'fusion' of capital and industry

by:LINYANG     2020-03-05
On July 6, 2015 to July 8, tender young xie total line is investigated in chaoyang several plasticizing enterprises, agricultural processing, energy, and the mayor cordial talks in Washington, dc, all the nations in chaoyang hotel, deepen the cooperation with chaoyang city, in the form of capital investment, to focus on the development of pillar industries or enterprises set up in chaoyang city special incubation fund, is used to solve the funding problems that exist in the enterprise development in chaoyang, promote the healthy development of local enterprises. Chaoyang city in western liaoning, is known as 'the world's first a flower bloom, the first bird fly up', it is also a tender young diversification mode of another flower. Xie total 3 days trip, look at the moment together! The world's first one-time 11 die head out of the monolayer film companies - — Chaoyang Frey da technology co. , LTD. - Is a professional committed to the multi-layer co-extrusion high barrier packaging materials research and development, production and sales, with health, safety, environmental protection and reasonable use cost oriented private high-tech manufacturing enterprises, long-term commitment to provide customers with truly unique innovative packaging solutions. With yili group, liaoning huishan, ancient city of shanxi dairy, signed a contract to supply all the year round, established the strategic partner of supply relationship; With cofco, Jin Luo group, yurun group, shuanghui group such as meat packaging giant established supply relations; North America, Australia, eastern Europe, Asian giants such as dairy, meat, and other established a cooperative relationship. The top 3 automotive battery production base: chaoyang set tableland new energy co. , LTD. - Founded in May 2009, relying on the tableland of active carbon patent products - activated carbon for supercapacitors, is a collection research and development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, the super capacitor in liaoning ( Chaoyang) New energy appliances ( The super capacitor) Industrial base of leading enterprises. Protect the company depends on the electrode materials price advantage, realize the organic system of small winding, more than 3000 ferrari large super capacitor, organic system of large hybrid super capacitor ( Also known as the power battery) , application components, such as multi-type, many varieties of industrialization, has obvious industrial superiority. The world's first production of 50 tons of needle mushroom enterprises: liaoning day win biological technology co. , LTD. - 2009 enterprises introduced on behalf of the world's advanced level of equipment and technology, invited international experts to do technical adviser, the implementation of 7 tons needle mushroom factory production project. Day win card needle mushroom production from bacteria cultivation to product cultivation, all under aseptic condition, products do not contain any additives, no pesticide residues, make the product quality has always been in good condition; Production guarantee 7 tons of steady state all the time, the buyer is implemented to ensure the product supply commitment on schedule; Even if is the product price high, the buyer is also accepted. Bliss in liaoning agricultural development co. , LTD. - In cultivation, cultivation, processing, production of organic grains series of products based on industry, to the all-round development of ecological agriculture as the leading direction, base construction, scientific research and development, products deep processing in the integration of provincial key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. Liaoning tianchi wine co. , LTD. - Founded in 1997, has experienced the developing course of 18 years. The enterprise covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, construction area of 10000 square meters, the company has more than 2000 mu ( Five retail demonstration garden) Special organic grape planting base and 10000 mu ( The company + peasant household form) Special grape planting base, is the agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises in liaoning province. Chaoyang legend culture industry development co. , LTD. - Mainly engaged in 'arts and crafts jade carved jade ornaments trees turn', etc. Company respected 'steadfast, perseverance, responsibility, spirit of enterprise, and with integrity, win-win and create a business philosophy, to create a good environment of enterprise, with new management mode, perfect technology, and thoughtful service, excellent quality for survival, always adhere to customer first, service to customers, insist on their own service to impress customers. In chaoyang, feeling the sun 'the world's first a flower bloom, the first bird fly up' the long culture: visit chaoyang NiaoHuaShi national geological park and museum of chaoyang north tower. Chaoyang NiaoHuaShi national geological park - Found in human history the earliest birds and flowering plants, unique in the world, integrity, scarcity, is a world-class fossils treasure, it has extremely important scientific research value. Chaoyang museum of north tower is relying on the national key cultural relics protection units - Chaoyang north tower and establish a modern buddhist culture thematic museum of art, the museum possession of shakyamuni Buddha master the six burning lamp Buddha Buddha. Chaoyang, chaoyang heart, career would like sun rising slowly. Towards 'build China's most powerful platform of sharing the film business, common to the capital market, common to the world', we will be more active, open and positive attitude to meet the challenge of the every day!
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