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Xiaobian teaches you how to distinguish the quality of automobile film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-29

Global Plastics News:

car film is like the second face of a car. Car lovers all hope to choose a good quality car film. Because if the inferior explosion-proof film is purchased, it will cause many follow-up problems if it is not handled properly during the film construction process. The following small series will teach you how to distinguish the quality of automobile films.

1. After pasting the film, the door cannot be locked

after pasting the film, the owner found that the key remote controller of the original car could no longer lock the door, because the pasting process was not properly constructed. Go to the 4S store to disassemble the original car controller for inspection. If water is found inside, it is caused by the staff letting water into the controller when filming.

interpretation: professional film sticking construction has quality and strict process control, and also has strict requirements on the construction environment. The owner can't choose the film casually, otherwise it will cause problems.

2. After pasting the film, you will feel dizzy when you look at the outside scenery of the car

after pasting the film, you will feel dizzy when you sit in the car and look outside, and there will be circles of Halo when the light shines on the glass. This may be the visual effect caused by the use of a poor quality explosion-proof membrane.

interpretation: the clarity of explosion-proof films is related to the manufacturing process and materials used. Do not choose films with too strong reflection when selecting films. The quality of these films is often not good. The metal sputtering film has the lowest definition and the better definition.

3. Shortly after the film was applied, the window glass burst

some car owners suddenly saw the window glass burst in less than a few days. Excluding the quality problem of the original glass, it is caused by improper construction of the beauty shop when filming.

interpretation: for glass of different models, due to the different curved surfaces of the design, the technical requirements for film pasting are relatively high, so professional technicians are required to carry out construction during film pasting. Otherwise, it is easy to burst the glass due to excessive temperature difference between inside and outside during or after pasting.

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