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Xiao Bian told you what pi covering film is?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-29


polyimide (pi) Due to its outstanding characteristics in performance and synthesis, whether as structural materials or functional materials, its great application prospect has been fully recognized. So, what is pi covering film?

pi covering film is formed by coating polyimide film with heat-resistant polyacrylic acid adhesive and using release paper or release film as isolation layer, which is used for surface protection of polyimide film flexible printed circuit board, the product is divided into two types: flame retardant and non-flame retardant. According to the thickness of polyimide film and acrylic adhesive, different varieties can be formed to meet the needs of customers. Polyimide film thickness 12. 5 mu, 25μ, 50μ, 75μ100 μ125 μ150 μWait. Adhesive thickness 12. 5 mu, 25μ, 50μ, 75μWait.

Xiao Bian tells you what pi covering film is

pi covering film products should be rolled into cartons and stored at a temperature not more than 35℃, indoor without corrosive gas with relative humidity not more than 75%, to prevent rain, sunlight and mechanical damage. The storage period is six months. Product standard width 500, standard length 200 M. With a standard area of 100M2, polyimide covering film is a matching product of polyimide copper clad laminate, which is laminated on polyimide film flexible printed circuit board and plays a role in surface insulation, heat insulation protection, etc.

Product Features:

1. It has high peel strength and good dielectric properties;

2 has good dimensional stability, chemical resistance and solvent resistance;

3 has very low fluidity. Product Number performance index

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