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Xiao Bian teaches you how to stick household glass insulation film?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-29


The Building film has obvious function. It takes energy saving and heat insulation as its main purpose and has UV protection and safety functions. The film can also be divided into heat reflective film and low radiation film. Heat reflective film, which is attached to the glass surface to enable the room to transmit visible light and near infrared light, but not far infrared light. Therefore, there is enough light to enter the room, and most of the solar energy heat is reflected back, so that the indoor temperature will not rise too much in hot summer, thus reducing the indoor air conditioning load, to save air conditioning costs and energy saving. So, how to stick a household glass insulation film?

First clean the place to be pasted, and then spray it with a watering can; Then remove the matte film from the bottom paper and stick it on the place to be attached. Use a ruler to scrape out the air and moisture inside. In addition, you can also spray some water on the back of the frosted film and then stick it. If the area of the frosted film is relatively large, you can stick the edge to remove the backing paper, and do not remove the backing paper at one time. Finally, dry.

In the daily use of household glass insulation film, there are also many details to pay attention to, do a good job in the maintenance of glass insulation film, more show the role of glass film.

some details should be paid attention to in daily life. Do not move the glass at will within 3 days after the installation of the household glass insulation film. Do not scrub the glass with water within 15 days after installation. At ordinary times, the glass insulation film cannot be hung with suction cups or fixed with adhesives, nor can decorations such as self-adhesive be pasted on the glass insulation film.

in terms of maintenance, it is possible to use a cleaning agent that does not contain ammonia to spray the outer surface of the household glass insulation film, then gently dry the glass with a clean, soft cotton cloth or soft paper towel. The cotton cloth and paper towel need to be wrung out at this time, pure external alcohol contained on cotton cloth or paper towel will quickly dissolve large stains and fatty fingerprints. If the stain is not washed, you can re-spray the cleaning solution, wipe it from top to bottom until it is dry, and then wipe the edge of the glass insulation film with a towel. Remember, do not use hard wipes, brushes, and sand-containing wipes to clean the glass film.

when adhesive tape or decals are used on the household glass heat insulation film, the residual adhesive when removing these materials can be dipped in acetone with soft clean cotton cloth, that is, the nail polish remover, gently scrubbing the contaminated area, can quickly and completely remove the glue left on the glass insulation film, and a small amount of acetone will not damage the glass insulation film, but it can immediately dissolve and completely evaporate viscose and most spray paint.

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