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With stretch film packaging can save space and covers an area of

by:LINYANG     2020-03-08
PE stretch film has become one of the most popular way of packing, has high tensile strength, tear strength, and with good self-adhesive, so can make the object wrapped into a whole, to prevent scattered collapsed when transportation. Stretch film is widely used in chemical raw materials, metal products, auto parts, wire and cable, daily necessities, chemical fertilizer, food, machinery and electronic products, textile products, such as single piece or pallet packaging strapping packaging and other paper making industry, etc. In the field of warehouse storage, stereo, suitable using stretch film packaging after can save a lot of space and covers an area of, more convenient storage and transportation. Why can stretch film have such advantages, and its production characteristic is inseparable. Not all C4 - LLDPE stretch film can pair the, should have a choice. Machine with stretch film with C6 and C8 material, easy to machining, wrap film can satisfy all kinds of packaging and therefore is widely used in metal and mineral food, the whole set of packaging machinery and other products. Due to wrap film MPE narrow molecular weight distribution, the processing scope is narrow, the processing conditions are difficult to control, usually to add 5% LDPE, to reduce the melt viscosity, increase the film flatness. High. And MPE is Gao Ligou neat polymer, molecular weight distribution was very narrow, can accurately control the physical properties of the polymer, strength and tear strength. In the process of the use of the stretch film, also involves a problem, that is stretch film storage environment, if the environment is too complicated, can affect the performance of the stretch film. Stretch film recommended storage at 15 ℃ to 25 ℃ temperature range. Mixing VLDPE, viscosity is a bit poor, but the equipment without special requirements, but also affected by temperature, air temperature 30 ℃ higher than the relatively sticky, sticky slightly worse at below 15 ℃, can be adjusted by the amount of adhesive layer of LLDPE, in order to achieve the required viscosity. More than three layers co-extrusion this way high longitudinal elongation is conducive to the pre-tension.
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