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Why waterproof tarpaulins will weaken _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-31
When we use the tarpaulins, found that in use after a period of time, tarpaulins waterproof function will weaken, it is this why? It is like an umbrella, the use of years long umbrella waterproof properties is not just to buy time for the waterproof effect. Tarpaulins waterproof effect waterproof effect is similar with the umbrella, this is because the tent outside surface is splashing water quality, the general nature of the water like a lotus leaf, water droplets to agile tumble on a trace. But when outside waterproof layer destruction, will lose the water proof function, the rain began, all through the waterproof membrane permeability. In order to effectively restore tarpaulins waterproof performance, there are two ways this tent factory here. One way is to use iron ironing external appearance outside account, choose the temperature time must choose low temperature, such as silk file for ironing, such ability won't damage the dandy. Second is under a layer of cotton to prevent adhesion, the best don't exceed twice, ironing beyond twice after ironing cannot recover, this time will have to spray the spilt water. Waterproof performance relationship with use effect not just, more affect the service life of tarpaulins, pay attention at ordinary times some of these aspects of the protection of our tent is helpful to better use. Tent, tent factory, tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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