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Why tarpaulin factory linyi is more, the market decided

by:LINYANG     2020-04-01
China is so big, you open the baidu search tarpaulins, or tent factory, you will find that baidu's home page on the most is the manufacturer of linyi, let us analysis the: the country is so big, why tarpaulin factory is located in linyi? Market demand, linyi is a capital of logistics, it determines the tarpaulin factory is located in linyi. Maybe you still not understand, thorough analysis: linyi is logistics, that every day from linyi to the truck up to 50000 vehicles, first is their own vehicles need truck tarpaulin, it determines the main source of the tent. Secondly, linyi is the old revolutionary base areas in the north of China, the cost of living is low, low labor costs, linyi, with a population of more than one thousand mainly produces small products, for all aspects of domestic and international market, do you want to ah, on the one hand, the cost is low, on the other hand through convenient logistics sales across the country, this is the reason why tarpaulins in linyi factories. , we are specializing in the production processing and wholesale all kinds of waterproof tarpaulins, tarpaulin products. Products are widely used in ports, terminals, transportation and other industrial and agricultural industrial resources. I plant since its inception, adhering to the 'quality first, customer first, innovation first, sincere service' business philosophy, continuous improvement process, update equipment, series products of development has a unique process, occupies the leading position in the industry. Since the beginning, I plant to develop, innovation, expanding business scope, improve the quality of the product. Under the support and trust of the general new old customers, products are exported to all over the country, also exported to Europe, Japan, Africa, southeast Asia, more than a dozen countries. Advanced technology, excellent product quality, sincere service, won the new and old customers from all over the world high praise. In 2009, the older generation revolutionist, military general Gu Rongqi to observe and inscription: 'military quality, reputation first'. We ShangHeng tent factory production of tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/quality is good, price is qualified, is well received by the users at home and abroad, if you need, please contact us Zhao Zong. Telephone: 13754728822
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