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Why should the protective film emphasize weather resistance?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-26
Many performance attributes of the protective film ( Viscosity, thickness, color, stretchability, light transmittance, etc) Among them, there is a weather resistance, which, as the name implies, is the tolerance to the environment and climate. So why should the protective film emphasize this attribute? What is the effect of weather resistance on the quality of the protective film? During the use of the protective film, the protected finished product will also be directly exposed to the sun for up to half a year to a year. In this process, the protective film is generally not defaced, however, there may be changes in performance. Even need to be bored in the container, a few months to cross the ocean. The environment encountered by the protective film is actually quite harsh. The protective film has excellent mechanical function, and it is very suitable for the tensile light, elastic modulus, elongation, etc. required by its users. The protective film is lazy to the appearance of the maintained data and has outstanding adhesion function to the maintained data. During the data transfer and processing, the maintenance film will not become warped or fall off. The protective film has good weather resistance and adhesion Stability. After several days or a long time, the peeling force is not significantly increased, and it is easy to remove. When it is removed, there is no residual glue on the protected surface, no pictures. The protective film has been in use for a period of time and its central performance will be outstanding in the future, but its two ends are tilted. The primary reason for this phenomenon is that the protective mold has a large degree of stretching during the posting process of the maintained profiles, in the future, in case of high temperature environment, there will be unnecessary retraction. The problem of protective film often occurs in the south, so the protective film should pay attention to the influence of environmental temperature difference on the application of products during the production process, and avoid unnecessary external stretching during the filming process.

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